What did people eat during the Berlin Airlift?

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The blockade lasted from June 1948 till May 1949. By early 1949 the situation was grim, and people relied very heavily on baked potatoes.
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What was the Berlin Airlift?

Answer \n. \n. \nThe relief provided by air by America, Britain and France to West Berlin when it was blockaded by Stalin's Soviet Union in 1948-49. It lasted for about 1

What people were involved in the Berlin airlift?

The Berlin Airlift was the US program to remain influential in West Berlin, Germany in response to the Soviet embargo - blocking incoming goods from West Germany to West Berli

Who was the mayor of west Berlin during the Berlin airlift?

I have solved this by process of elimination- My guess- Herr Theodor Heuss. It is hard to pronounce ( YHooisse!) but yanks got it to sound like Hughes. He was the namesake of

Did the Berlin Airlift attempt to remove people from West Berlin?

No, the idea behind the Berlin Airlift was to supply West Berlin by air rather than evacuate and abandon it to the Soviets. The Berlin Air Lift (known in German as die Luft
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Who was the pilot of the gatow during the Berlin airlift?

Currently Researching, so far my family records make mention ofhim, indicating his first name was John (son of Martha AnnThomas-born Dec 19 1884, Llanelli Wales) I do not have
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What was life like for Germany during Berlin airlift?

The biggest thing that changed German life was the wall, before thewall was built East and West Germans were able to visit eachother's countries. After the wall was built, the