What didn't Joseph Stalin like?

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Stalin didn't like Fascists and Mensheviks along with the Jews, Ukrainians, and many, many others as he became steadily more despotic, paranoid and psychotic. His death-toll greatly exceeded that of Adolf Hitler.
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Did the Russians like Joseph Stalin?

Not all of them. Some, who were opponents of earlier communist regimes did, but others viewed him as a tyrant. Others thought that if he hadn't been the leader of the USSR, Wo

Who was Joseph Stalin?

Joseph Stalin (Ioseb Dzhughashvili 1878-1953) was the leader of theUSSR (Russia) from 1924 to 1953. After World War 2, he wanted tospread Communism across Europe but was oppos

Did Russia like Joseph Stalin?

Yes, when he died, a scene similar to the death of Kim Jong Ill orMao happened where many people cried in the streets etc... Manypeople credit him with leading the Russia from

Why was Joseph Stalin liked?

There were many factors that led people to like Stalin. The main one was probably the 'cult of personality'. This meant he could manipulate how he was seen as a leader through

Did Joseph Stalin like war?

I believe Josef Stalin loved war. He was ruthless when he fought against the Germans. He was a killer of his own people. He showed little remorse or grief over his 10 million

Why didn't Stalin and Hitler like each other?

They didn't. They used each other. Stalin had long term plans tohave Hitler eliminate the intelligentsia of Europe as he had donein Russia. Hitler approved of all the methods