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What differentiates police crime from crimes committed by police officers?

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A police crime is where the police abuse their power (state organised crime), occupational crime corruption. It is referred to as Trusted white collar crime. The history of police crime is long and varied, involving violations of constitutional rights excessive use of force and related illegal acts to fulfill department objectives both state and federal.
Whereas crimes committed by police are acts against people, abuse murder and assault. they are related to personal injury.
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What do police officers look for at a crime scene?

  This is a very broad question but in a nutshell police look at a crime scene for clues and evidence to suggest how the crime occurred and by whom.

What type of crime is interfering with a police officer?

Any act that prevents or impedes an officer from performing his official duties can be characterized as interfering with a police officer. This can range from knowingly provid

Is it illegal to tell a police officer that you want to commit a crime?

yes it is because then he/she will arrest u Another View: An officer cannot arrest you without reasonable cause to believe that you have actually committed an offense. If you

Is adultery by a Mississippi police officer a crime?

Regardless of whether a person is a police officer or not, adultery and fornication are still on the books as a misdemeanor (Sec. 97-29-1) in Mississippi. Interestingly, polic
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Can you sue a police officer for arresting you and keeping you in prison for 10 days for a crime you did not commit?

Yes, although you would need to show that the officer acted unreasonably in arresting you. If the officer had probable cause to believe you committed a crime, the arrest is la