What distinct characteristics did the early civilizations and empires of the middle east and egypt develop?

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Members of the Middle Eastern and Egyptian empires moved forward human development and came together to form the first great cities. Both had similar development and refinements in agriculture and technology as well as government/law cuneiform writing/hieroglyphics, math/science, artistry and architecture, religion and hierarchical society.
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How did the physical geographic characteristics of Egypt affect the development of their civilization?

The Nile River made existence for a large population possible in a desert region. Every year, the Nile would flood, bringing rich soil to the lower reaches of the river course

How did geography of Egypt influence the development of early civilization there?

In Egypt there would be no life if there wasn't the Nile to bring in water and silt or rich soil for planting. Like the Tigris and Euphrates the Nile also floods annually. The

Why ancient civilization arose in rome Egypt Greece china and the middle east?

Civilization arose in these areas, as their were rich land resources; that could be used for farming and agriculture. Due to this, permanent settlements were established and c

What began the development of the two distinct European civilizations of the Western Roman Empire and the Eastern Byzantine Empire?

Byzantine Empire is the term historians use for the Eastern Roman Empire after the fall of the Western Roman Empire. Therefore, there was not a development of two distinct civ