What do Tokelau people like to eat?

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They like to eat food that come from the coconut tree and from the sea because they're are nice and fresh to eat. Like fresh fish from the sea and others and the coconut tree fresh to drink and fresh to eat. TE MALIE
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What do German people like to eat?

People in Germany like to eat many things, but the main things are sausage, schnitzel, pretzels, and beer. They also like having desserts, which often times is cake.

What is Tokelau?

They are three tiny atolls, they lie half way between New Zealand and Hawaii and have a total surface area just 10 kilometres and a population of about 1,500.

Why do people like to eat?

Y in the world you would rite that? ok ummm, u will no the answer to this, so try to not eat for a week ok thts my answer

What do japanese people like to eat?

As is the case with all questions of a general nature, it is difficult to state with any authority what 'Japanese people' like to eat, as individuals will have their own likes

Why people likes to eat ice?

Well, there are a lot of wierdies out there that do that. such as my grandma. She's a nice lady, though.

What do people from salvador like to eat?

Here are some: Corn tortillas, cream and cheeses, refried beans,loroco (a vine flower bud), pork, shrimp, fried casava root,pickled cabbage, fried sardines, chicken sandwiches