What do Tokelau people like to eat?

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They like to eat food that come from the coconut tree and from the sea because they're are nice and fresh to eat. Like fresh fish from the sea and others and the coconut tree fresh to drink and fresh to eat. TE MALIE
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What do the people in Greece like to eat?

Although some traditional Greek foods are healthy, the modern died in Greece involves a lot of oil, sugar and white flour. Greece is one of the most obese countries in the world. White bread with olive oil or honey is a very important staple in Greece and no meal is complete without it. The most common vegetables are tomatoes, cucumbers, and sweet peppers. Salted olives are a common snack, but most get turned into olive oil which is in almost every Greek dish. Dairy products like feta cheese and the firmer, fattier Greek yogurt are popular, as is plain old milk especially for kids. White fish and lamb are the traditional Greek meats but they also eat chicken and beef. The most popular fast food in Greece is souvlaki meat wrapped in a pita with tzatziki sauce and french fries (yes, in the pita) that have soaked up the meaty drippings. cats

What to English people like to eat?

English people like a big breakfast with bacon, eggs, beans and toast. English people like to eat the same as American people, although portions and meals aren't quite as big in England as they are in America

What do people like to eat in Switzerland?

Food people like to eat in Switzerland include a great variety ofpasta, potatoes prepared in many different ways, vegetables, meat(veal, beef, pork, chicken and even horse), fish (mainly freshwater fish), but also sea food.

What do German people like to eat?

People in Germany like to eat many things, but the main things are sausage, schnitzel, pretzels, and beer. They also like having desserts, which often times is cake.

What is Tokelau?

They are three tiny atolls, they lie half way between New Zealand and Hawaii and have a total surface area just 10 kilometres and a population of about 1,500.

What do black people like to eat?

Watermelon, Grape Kool Aid, Chicken, Ribs, and anything white folkseat. Interestingly, due to stereotypes and racist comments, a lot ofAfrican-Americans refuse to eat watermelon or bananas.

How many people like eating?

Most people tend to like eating, or at least enjoy other aspects of food, such as cooking or eating certain types of food.

Why do people like to eat?

Y in the world you would rite that? ok ummm, u will no the answer to this, so try to not eat for a week ok thts my answer

What do japanese people like to eat?

As is the case with all questions of a general nature, it is difficult to state with any authority what 'Japanese people' like to eat, as individuals will have their own likes and dislikes. However, with the understanding that this is a generalization, it can be said that the Japanese like to eat fish, poultry, beef, pork, a variety of raw/cooked/pickled vegetables including radishes, cabbage, carrots, onions, and peppers, as well as things like rice, eggs, soybeans, sweet red beans, and noodles. Western foods like pizza, hamburgers, and sausages are also popular, as well as other international foods. Fruits are popular dessert items, but a lot of fruit can be quite expensive, as it has to be imported.

Do sharks like to eat people?

Not really great white sharks don't even like the taste of human flesh. Tiger sharks will bite anything. Most sharks mistake people as prey. Right now I'm watching the show 10 deadest sharks. On shark week.

Do people like to eat food?

Yes, People do like to eat food. Food gives people energy, so then they could do things. If people don't eat food, they won't have the energy to do things. _Hope it helps! :)

What food do people like to eat in Tennessee?

Most of the people born and in raised in Tennessee are overweight due to there poor diet. It's a diet consisting of mostly pre packaged processed foods. For example, Frozen corn dogs, potato chips, cakes, cheese puffs, and lots of fast foods.

What do people in Rwanda like to eat?

Boiled beans, bananas, sweet potato, cassava. Dishes like umutsima (made with cassava and corn) and isombe (cassava leaves, eggplant and spinach) are also popular. Fried plantains are also popular. Barbequed meat is consumed a lot and the men like to drink beer. Beer is made from sorghum and corn. Beef and chicken are the most popular meats.

What do people in America like to eat?

Hamburgers are the most popular foodin the U.S. Other popular foods in the U.S. include hot dogs,pizza, French fries. Americans also like to eat roast beef, friedchicken, meatloaf, stuffed turkey, potato salad, hot wings, yams,and corn on the cob.

What do old people like to eat?

Old people like to eat the same foods they ate when they wereyounger. However, if they have bad or missing teeth, they tend toeat foods that are soft.

What do people in the US like to eat?

most people like to eat food that contains meat so most like to eat meat A.K.A....Steak. yes, steak is prevalent, but expensive. American culture is very diverse in it's food offerings, the advent of the supermarket has introduced an easy way for Americans to have access to a wide variety of cultural foods from around the world.

Why people like to eat in hotel?

Many hotels offer free food. Almost everyone will jump up and be attracted when they see the word 'FREE'. Many people do love free things. Others feel that hotel food is better. Which is quite true. Some hotels do offer good food.

What Canada people like to eat?

Certain people and Canada like to eat the same food .As Canada has a diverse population and ethnic culture so regional dishes vary from place to place and coast to coast people and the united states. Each ethnic group has their own speciatles ,including French, German, Polish, Much as in the USA in the South cornbread and grits are popular. THANK U!!!!!!

In Tokelau do they have hostpitals?

Tokelau has does actually have hospitals. They don't look like hospitals located in other countries they are pretty small compared to other hospitals and they don't do any surgery. They can't do anything serious like stitching your leg or your head. But to make a long story short, yes they do have hospitals

What does british people like to eat and drink?

regrettably, we are a nation of junk food eaters. Curry and Indian food is very popular, but with the emphasis on takeaways. fish and chips is still up there, but Italian dishes are increasingly popular. Proper ale is still very much the drink of choice. What Europeans call 'beer', we call lager. However, these days it seems that quantity is more important than quality.

What do people in Kansas like to eat?

People in Kansas eat bbq; zwiebach; bierocks (or cabbage rolls);lefse; chicken & noodles; corned Beef & cabbage; homemadebreads; fried chicken; loose meat sandwiches; and corn on the cob.

What do Brazillian people like to eat?

I have an uncle who actually served a mission in Brazil. He told us ALL about it. Every day with every meal they have beans and rice. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. They also have a Brazilian McDonald's there too. My uncle said to them it was like a 4 star restaurant. Hope this helped!

What do Spain people like to eat the most?

Because Spain has so many regions it has at least an equal number of favorite regional foods. The only food that can be found on almost any table in Spain, at almost any time, is BREAD; Good bread baked fresh and purchased every morning.

Why do Chinese people like to eat cat?

Only several parts of Guangdong eat cats. In all other parts, including South Guangdong, cat meat is a taboo dish and you will be considered low-class if you eat it.

What is the culture of Tokelau?

Tokelau is under the sovereignty of New Zeland, but the cultures are seperate. If you are from Tokelau, you are Tokelauan. Tokelau is it's own culture. Some Tokelauans have been generations from Samoa and Spain.

Why do people in Malta like eating rabbit?

It's a maltese tradition .It's common for us to eat rabbit especially during Sunday's dinner .Even if you go out to eat in a restaurant you'll find it in the menu! In maltese rabbit is called fenek and when someone is gonna eat a rabbit he says 'Fenkata'. Usually maltese people buy a life rabbit and kill him themselves and then they cook him! Usually a rabbit is cooked in a traditional way which is stewed or grilled with traditional herbs and baked potatoes.I know it might sound bizarre to other countries but every country has it's own food that other think it's disgusting! For example we never imagine to eat a frog or a kangaroo , for us that's insane!!

Do people like eating battery chicken?

People don't actually eat battery chicken - a 'battery chicken' is one kept in a cage while it gains enough weight to be sold to market. There are two main types of chickens - those bred to lay eggs, and those bred to be meat chickens. These are 'layer' hens and 'broiler' hens respectively. Layer hens are sometimes kept in cages as this strain tends to be a bit vicious towards one another, with problems caused by pecking. In fact, when these hens are kept in barn or free-range situations, often their beaks must be slightly trimmed to prevent pecking causing major injuries or mortalities. Another reason they have been kept in cages is to ensure that eggs remain free from pathogens that they may come in contact with if they were on the floor. This is for human food safety purposes. Broiler hens have been selectively bred mainly for their fast growth rates, and I've actually seen them twice the size of layer chicks at just ten days of age. Broiler hens today only take about 28 days to grow to market weight from hatching, whereas roosters take only 24-25 days as they grow faster. As they are not bred to lay a lot of good quality eggs at a fast rate and are not as vicious towards one another in establishing a pecking order, they are kept in sheds. These sheds contain bedding on the floor, with food and water available at a height just above ground level. The sheds, as with layers, have artificial lighting so that their circadian rhythm can be controlled. In Australia, at least, no broiler hens are kept in cages. They are kept in sheds. Hence, people don't actually eat battery chickens (In Australia, anyway).

Do bears like eating people?

No, bears will only eat people in a very desperate situation i.e, when they feel that their young have been attacked, or they are extremely hungry

Why do English people like to eat chips?

They like them because they are VERY tasty. Why don't you try them. To make chips the English way, peel your potatoes, and cut them in long sticks about 1.5cm thick. Wash the sticks, and then drain them and pat them dry. Heat some vegetable oil or beef dripping in a pan (fill the pan 2/3 full only) to a temperature of 200 degrees centigrade. Place the potato sticks into a basket and gently (the oil will foam up) lower them into the pan of hot oil. Cook the chips until the potato is cooked though and the surface of the chip is just beginning to turn golden. At this stage remove basket form the oil and allow the chips to drain for 5/6 mins (still in the basket) and while they are draining heat the oil up to 210-220 degrees centigrade. Once the oil is up to temperature, re immerse the chips and cook them until they are a deep golden colour, remove the basket and drain off the excess oil. Tip the chips onto a plate and sprinkle liberally with salt and a little vinegar, eat while still warm/hot and crispy.

Why do people like to eat pig fat?

People like to eat things fried in big fat because it gives it a different taste. Another word for big fat is lard, which is used as a shortening, cooking fat or a spread.

Is it okay if i like eating people?

of course it is it is completely fine, no-one can tell you what todo with your money, or anyone elses. i eat people all the time,just the other day i ate my 18 moth child in a stew, it was yum!!