What is Tokelau fatele?

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Tokelau Fateles are traditional Tokelaun dances. There are alot of different dances and songs and these are peformed mainly at celebrations
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What are the seven fatel points of the body?

The tempal of the ear, ( Above the ear X2), the humourus bone ( X2 ) The nose, The neck, the back of the head. I Might be wrong but that's what I know about!

What types of animals are located in Tokelau Polynesia?

they grow pigs and your mom to eat and make a living by selling them. they also have chicken's there to but they also have cat's and the cat's are usally pest's to the people because they sneak around and eat any leftover's from a umu made outside or fishe bones or scales left on the beach. little ( Full Answer )

What is Tokelau?

They are three tiny atolls, they lie half way between New Zealand and Hawaii and have a total surface area just 10 kilometres and a population of about 1,500.

Which continent is Tokelau on and what is its capital?

Tokelau, a group of atolls in the south-west Pacific, is a Dependent Territory of New Zealand and part of Oceania - therefore, it is not part of an actual continent. It has no official capital city.

What is the capital of Tokelau?

Tokelau is a territory of New Zealand. It does not have an officialcapital, but the largest town is Atafu. The capital of New Zealandis Wellington.

When you want to play Fatel error appears?

Too bad for you.. Fatal error means the program is crashing. You could try uninstalling and reinstalling the program. If that doesn't help, you're probably out of luck.

In Tokelau do they have hostpitals?

Tokelau has does actually have hospitals. They don't look like hospitals located in other countries they are pretty small compared to other hospitals and they don't do any surgery. They can't do anything serious like stitching your leg or your head. But to make a long story short, yes they do have h ( Full Answer )

What continent is Tokelau on?

Tokelau is not on any continent. It is a group of three smallislands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

What is the culture of Tokelau?

Tokelau is under the sovereignty of New Zeland, but the cultures are seperate. If you are from Tokelau, you are Tokelauan. Tokelau is it's own culture. Some Tokelauans have been generations from Samoa and Spain.

What do Tokelau people like to eat?

They like to eat food that come from the coconut tree and from the sea because they're are nice and fresh to eat. Like fresh fish from the sea and others and the coconut tree fresh to drink and fresh to eat. TE MALIE

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Unfortunately, BBC Worldwide and 2Entertain have said they have no plans to release it on DVD however it is possible to download the Curse of the Fatal Death Comic Relief episode via Youtube Helps if spelled correctly. Originally "Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death." Also aired as "Curse ( Full Answer )

Why do vegetarians less likely to have fatel diseases?

Vegetarians are less likely to have fatal diseases because vegetarians are people who do not eat animals (as you may have known.) Animals usually carry rabies or bacteria inside of them. Veggies/Fruits do not have bacteria. Anyway, many animals are dirty, which cause humans to get their stomachs jun ( Full Answer )

What is the telephone country code for Tokelau?

Tokelau is country code +690. There are no city codes or areacodes. The local number is 4 digits. (The plus sign means "insert yourinternational access prefix here." From a GSM mobile phone, you canenter the number in full international format, starting with theplus sign. The most common prefix ( Full Answer )

How did Mitch Fatel become famous?

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Is same-sex marriage legal in Tokelau?

No. Although same-sex marriage has been legalized in New Zealand,that law does not apply in this territory of New Zealand.

What are culture and identity of Tokelau?

Lulture and identity of Tokelau is characterized by sided communityrelationships,which is aimed at maintaining egalitarianism andprevent conflict.