What do baby flamingos look like?

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A baby flamingo is little and grey

What do flamingos feet look like?

Flamingos have webbed feet because they live near muddy shallow and swampy areas; the webbed feet prevent them from sinking into the muddy bottom.

What do flamingos look like?

Flamingos have long thin legs and are approximately 30 to 33 in height. When flamingos are babies the are white but later in life flamingos turn pink, this is because they eat

What bird is grey and looks like a flamingo?

A grey bird that looks like a flamingo is an emu or ostrich. An Emu is female and an Ostrich is male. They are the fastest bird ever and are Australian animals. The emu appear

What do flamingos like to do?

Flamingo's enjoy long watery walks and sexual intercourse after a romantic date with the village bicycle, Occasionally the flamingos will shake it up and have a bath together
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What does the flamingo look like?

A flamingo looks like a very large bird, but has four legs and in pink. It's head is as large as its body and is cannot fly!