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What do crawdads eat?

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they will eat algae pellets (easily found in most pet stores. and dead fish and clams (freshwater)all i found was tropical fish food and small fish.
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What do crayfish or crawdads eat?

Crayfish are omnivorous and will eat a wide variety of foods, including plants, insects, frog eggs, small fish, dead plants and animals and worms. They commonly feed on submer

What animals eat crayfish or crawdads?

  I found this on the "Louisiana Foods Seafood Distributer" website.   "Cormorants are a well known pesky crawfish predator, but now there is another critter out there

Do crawdad eat fish?

  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crayfish   At night, some fish become less energetic and settle to the bottom. The crayfish might see this as a chance for an easy meal,

What eats crawdads?

    I do. So do turtles, fish, some snakes, raccoons, birds, bears and just about any other carnivore/omnivore that has the opportunity.

Where do crawdad eat?

  Where: They Will Catch There Prey and Go Under a rock. What: Smaller Fish, Each other,and insects Generally.

What do cave crawdads eat?

For food, they'll eat basically anything. Really! In the wild they are scavengers, though if they can catch a fish, they'll eat it, they mainly eat carrion or plant matter, an