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What do doctors do with your penis when you are born?

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SOME doctors, with your parents's consent, circumcise your penis.
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Why do doctors have to look at your penis?

For the same reason a doctor has to look at the rest of you mate. He needs to make sure you healthy (Yes that includes down there.) Doctors are looking and feeling for deformi

Can a doctor change your genetic penis size?

The only proven way to permanently increase penis size is through surgery. A doctor can do the surgery, which will make your penis bigger but it won't change your genetics, me

Can you show your penis to a doctor?

Yes. Doctors are trained to look at every part of your body. They can help you with any problem you may have and can even detect some problems you may not know you have. And y

Can a man be born without a penis?

I was born without penis OR testicles. The cause was faulty Leydig / Sertoli cells. It is called penile & testicular agenesis. I am 46xy karyotype male and am NOT female. We n

What is a girl born with penis called?

this is not correct, a girl born with a penis is called a transexual. the name for a person with both male and female genitals is called A Hermaphrodite. A tranny.

Can a girl be born with a penis?

Yes, this is called pseudohermaphroditism.

Do doctors check your penis?

Yes, doctors are trained how to check a penis for many different things.

Why did a female doctor feel your penis?

Studies have shown that only 15% of all physicians have seen their patients' penis of adult males. This is because adult medicine is problem oriented, not head to toe. If the