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What do doctors do with your penis when you are born?

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SOME doctors, with your parents's consent, circumcise your penis.
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Can you get an erection by a doctor touching your penis during a physical?

Well yes, but the doctors are all used to these things. Trust me on this one because I've worked with Urology and we deal with penises all day and when that happens we just le

When you were born your mom said that the doctors thought you were a girl. Now you are 14 and your penis is only 3 inches long is this normal or small?

Above average if you're in asia.   A:   You are normal for your age so please do not worry about it. Maybe your mom was in a bad mood with you when she said that ! An

Who is the best doctor for penis enlargement surgery?

www.freaksofcock.com Enter at your own discretion.     response--> wow thanks for that. everyone knows that is fake anyway. seriously, some real contributions anyo

Do female doctors touch male patients on the penis?

Whenever the examination or treatment requires it, a doctor of either gender would touch a penis. Of course they would usually be wearing rubber gloves, so the doctor's skin d
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Can you show your penis to a doctor?

Yes. Doctors are trained to look at every part of your body. They can help you with any problem you may have and can even detect some problems you may not know you have. And y