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What do domesticated foxes eat?

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Captive foxes should be fed a high grade, high protein dog food as a main staple. However, they also need high amounts of taurine when they are kits, so ferret food as a supplement should be supplied. If the kit is very young (4 weeks old or so) a puppy milk replacement should be bottle fed. This is available at Wal-Mart. As the fox grows, be sure to feed it fish, live mice (the brain has many nutrients needed to keep the fox healthy), and keep water always available. Raw chicken is also a favorite for foxes as well as whole eggs.
Ps. Where did you get a domesticated fox anyway?
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Is the fennec fox a domestic animal?

  No, it is not a domesticated animal.

Can you litter train domestic foxes?

Foxes are strange in the way that it would be hard towards impossible to litter train them, however if you have a cat or a dog that is litter trained the fox will (if you purc

What eats a fox?

Foxes are eaten by coyotes, cougars, eagles, and lynxes.

What eats foxes?

Mountain lions, lynx, coyotes, and some large birds of prey will eat foxes. . Bears and Dogs most likely eat foxes. Although bears can go their entire life without ever tasti

Can a fox eat larger foxes?

Technically yes, but only piece by piece over time, however foxes do not cannibalize each other. Generally the only time a fox would intentionaly kill another would be if it h

What do foxes eat and how do they get it?

Carrion (dead animals, like roadkill). Small Mammals, often preformed by "mousing" they locate by sound jump 3-4 meters in the air and land on the mouse, shew, lemming, ect. N

What eat fox?

mountain lions eat kit foxes, bobcats and golden eagles eat kit fox pups, and wolves eat red foxes. plus coyotes will eat foxes if the fox is already dead.

Do foxes eat other foxes?

No, they only eat other foxes when in great distress like being in a fur farm, for there is no food given to them there except the other dead animals' bodies.

What eats fox?

lynx's bears and possibly people.

Where do foxes eat?

They eat where their prey has been killed, or they take their catch to their earth and eat it there or they just take it away and eat it. They eat almost everywhere.
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Can you buy a domesticated fox?

There are breeders who sell domesticated foxes around the world.  There are several in the UK, and LOTS in the US. If you want to buy  a pet fox, make sure the breeder is US