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Ear hairs stop dirt from entering the ear, they trap it and wax gathers around it and falls out.
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Do you trim the hair in horses ears?

Some people do...they think it makes the horse look fancier. It is not really a matter of should you/shouldn't you. It is really a matter of personal preference. Many people

What is the record for hair growing out of his ear?

25cm long and still growing, it belongs to Indian grocer Radhakant Baijpai and he has no intention of trimming it, no matter what his wife says. Officially recognised by Guinn

What part of the ear is the ear hair?

The part of the inner ear, called the cochlea, that is shaped like a snail. It has hair cells inside that vibrate and process the different sounds that you hear. Then sends it

How do hair cells in your ear work?

They bend and weave when sound waves hit them and then transmit signals to the brain where it comprehends sound and translates it. See also the related question below about t

Why are there hairs in a cats ear?

  There is hair on a cats ear because they need hair to keep dust, dirt, bugs and so on, out of the ear. When a cat stops scratching, it means that the mites have been kil
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How do you wear your hair if you have big ears?

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