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What do honey badgers eat?

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They are well known for their abilities to kill snakes by grabbing it behind the head with it's jaws and kill it. Honey badgers can devour a snake in 15 minutes. Honey badgers have a great appetite for beehives, and many of them have been stung to death by trying to eat the hive. A bird, called the honeyguide, will lead the honey badger to bees' nests. When a honey badger breaks the beehive, the bird will take it's share. The honey badger is one of the fiercest hunters of the desert, it's prey includes earthworms, termites, scorpions, porcupines, hares, and large prey like tortoises, crocodiles , and snakes (pythons and venomous species). It's ferocious reputation extends to attacking animals much larger than itself. The honey badger will eat dangerous venomous snakes, often the puff adder. When bitten the honey badger will become severely swollen and paralyzed,and will not move several hours. After a period of time the honey badger will awaken and continue eating its meal or its journey. A honey badger will steal a snake's kill, eat it, then continue to hunt the snake. This ferocious nature of the badger has earned it its image as a formidable creature. Honey badgers will dig into burrows of small rodents and flush them out for a small meal. The honey badger's has large front claws, and its ability to dig into burrows is very effective and will dig until the rodent found. Other wildlife are aware of this and birds of prey and jackals are usually ready to steal any kills which manage get past the honey badger.
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What is a honey badger?

The honey badger-also known as ratal- is part of the Mustelidae family. Honey badgers are not anything to do with badgers, they are only called honey badgers because in french

What is a female honey badger called?

The names for honey badgers are similar to that of pigs. A baby is  called a "kit", a male is a "boar", and a female is called a "sow".

Can you buy honey badgers?

In the UK they are illegal to have as a pet or own. I THINK in the US they are illegal as well mainly because they are hard to tame and quite vicious.

Why do honey badgers eat honey?

Honey is the honey badger's favorite treat, although they do not rely on honey, but the nutritious bee hive is a sought after delicacy. The honey guide bird, has a habit of le

Do honey badgers eat snakes?

Yes. Being one of the fiercest hunters in the desert it will often consume many animals including snakes. It can eat a snake in under 15 minutes. If bitter it will lay paralyz

Where do honey badgers like to live?

\nDens\n. \nThe honey badger is well adapted for digging, and excavates burrows of 1 - 3 metres in length, to depths of 0.25 to 1.5 metres; a single tunnel ends in a chamber,

What eats a honey badger?

HARDLY ANYTHING. They are ferocious and fearless - even big cats usually avoid tackling them. Until we invented firearms our ancestors could only kill them by whacking them re