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What do maasai do with there cattle?

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I think they like poke a hole in their stomach or something and drink their blood with their milk. I'm not sure if this is correct, but I do know that some kind of African tribe or whatever does that. Hope this helps! x
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What is maasai enkang?

it is a small village made up of 20 to 50 huts, in which 10 to 20 families live. It is surrounded by a thick thorn hedge to keep out dangerous animals such as lions, leopards

What main job do the Maasai women do?

Maasai women collect water, wood for fire, collects the crops, look after the cattle (milking and feeding them) and often build their house made of cow dung.

What are cattle?

Cattle are a mammalian species of herbivorous animals with cloven hooves that have a four-chambered stomach. The word "cattle" is a term that refers to more than one bovine or

What do Maasai people eat?

The maasai people don't eat meat except on a special occasion. To get their protein, they drink the cattle blood. They also drink cattle milk, and they eat ugali (a hard, trad

What do the Maasai women do?

Maasai women have no rights. They are generally married off between  the ages of 11 and 13, and she is not educated and must work  extremely hard just to survive.

What is the Maasai Mara used for?

The Maasai-Mara is solely used for tourism, and known for the  migration of the wildebeest.   the name comes from the tribe living in the area (Maasai) and the  river wh
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What do maasai tribal women wear?

the women shave all there hair off and they only wear blankets on them the kind of material the blankets are is the hair of the goats.
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What work do the maasai men do?

  The Maasai men can usually work in nearby mines, or they can take care of the crops and animals when home.