What do maasai do with there cattle?

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I think they like poke a hole in their stomach or something and drink their blood with their milk. I'm not sure if this is correct, but I do know that some kind of African tribe or whatever does that. Hope this helps! x
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Who are the maasai people?

The Maasai are a nilotic Ethnic tribe that live in Kenya and Northern Tanzania. They wear brightly dressed clothes especially red. They only eat milk, meat and cattle blood. T

What do the Maasai children do?

Maasai children generally herd the animals all day.. A good article about their ways of life can be found at:. http://hubpages.com/hub/MaasaiVisit

What do the Maasai women do?

Maasai women have no rights. They are generally married off betweenthe ages of 11 and 13, and she is not educated and must workextremely hard just to survive.

What are 4 uses that the maasai have from their cattle?

The Maasai have quite a lot of uses from their cattle. 1)They can use their cattle's blood(mixed with milk) for drinking purposes.. 2)They can use their meat for food.. 3)T
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What is maasai enkang?

it is a small village made up of 20 to 50 huts, in which 10 to 20 families live. It is surrounded by a thick thorn hedge to keep out dangerous animals such as lions, leopards
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Which Maasai are wealthy?

The Maasai do not accumulate money; they hold their cattle in such high regard that the cattle themselves are seen as a measure of a man's wealth. Any man who has at least 50