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What do people in Italy speak?

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What recreational activities do people of Italy do?

Italians like a wide amount of sports. Soccer is the most popular sport in Italy. Every major city has a professional soccer team. But soccer is not just a big sport- on the w

How many people speak German in Italy?

  German is one of the Official language in the Province of Bolzano-Bozen, Italy. Which has a population of 487,673 people. About 287,500 Germans live in Italy, then t
In Italy

What do people in Italy like to do for recreation?

They like to go to the market and they do a lot of cooking. Families tend to spend a lot at time at home together. Mothers tend to be very protective, so the kids don't get to

What language do people speak in Italy?

Italian, but there are many dialects and a few regional languages such as Ladino. Some people in the Dolomites speak a dialect of German. Near the French border there are dial

When did Italy start speaking Italian and not Latin?

Italian is rooted in latin, so it probably was a transition that was undefined. in other words they didn't change at a recognizable time. I was in Italy for the first time on