What do you call a bear with no teeth?

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A gummy bear!
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Do polar bears have sharp teeth?

Answer Yes, they actually are! Yes, they have sharp teeth to rip their prey open like a fish. If you find a polar bear tooth in a museum don't touch it might make a hole in your finger

What kind of teeth do polar bears have?

Polar Bears have 42 teeth in total, which are used for catching their prey and ripping up the flesh for digestion. They use the incisors to shear off pieces of flesh and blubber. The canine teeth are used to tear through hides and grasp the prey. They use their jagged premolars and molars mainly for (MORE)

What kind of teeth does a polar bear have?

Adult Polar Bears have 42 teeth. They have canines that are larger and longer than any other bears, and both their carnassials and molars are sharper and used for shearing and biting, not for grinding.

Does a koala bear have teeth?

Yes. I would like to know more about the teeth though. All I know is that the amount of wear on their teeth affects their mating habbits, and that most koalas die from starvation once their teeh are worn down so much that they can't grind the tough eucalyptus leaves.

How many teeth does a polar bear and a grizzly bear have?

The Polar Bear has 42 teeth in total. The canine teeth grasp the Polar Bear's prey and tear through the tough hides. The incisors shear off pieces of blubber and flesh so the premolars and molars can tear and chew. But Polar Bears, really swallow most of their food in large chunks rather than chewin (MORE)

Why are wisdom teeth called wisdom teeth?

Because by the time you get them, you are old enough and smart enough to grab pliers and rip them out yourself instead going to the dentist and giving them a ridiculous amount to do it when you have all of the tools to do so in your shed.

How many teeth does a polar bear have?

42 teeth. The canines are larger and longer than any other bears, and both their carnassials and molars are sharper and used for shearing and biting and not for grinding..

How many teeth does a bear have?

Bear's have 42 teeth including four long canines and twelve incisors. The exception is that of the sloth bear, which has only 40 teeth. Sloth bears have two fewer teeth than bears of other species to create a gap in the front of their mouths through which they may suck in insects.

What are teeth 6 and 11 called?

Teeth 6 and 11 are called cuspids, or canine teeth. They aresingle-rooted and labial surface because they are next to the lips.They are used for gripping and tearing food.

What kind of teeth do bears have?

Bears have very interesting teeth. Their front teeth are very sharpfor ripping meat, while their back teeth are flat for grindingfruits and insects.

What are your pointy teeth called?

The pointy teeth in the mouth are named "Canines" and are commonamong mammals, usually being enlarged in carnivores. Canine teethcan be found between the incisors and premolar teeth in mammals. .

What are a cat's teeth called?

this may sound like a stupid answer but teeth are teeth. Sorry they don't have another name unless you use the singular tense then it is tooth.

Why is a bear market called bear?

Most people agree that the words "Bull" and "Bear" came from fights in the Midwest they would chain a bear to a stake, and release a bull to charge it. the bull would thrust its horns "up" into the bear to win, while the bear would bite "down" on the bull to win. Thus the terms "Bullish" and "Bearis (MORE)

How many teeth does a black bear have?

The dental structure of seven of the eight bear species is characterized by 42 teeth. The exception is that of the sloth bear, which has only 40 teeth. Sloth bears have two fewer teeth than bears of other species to create a gap in the front of their mouths through which they may suck in insects.

Why do bears have teeth?

The reason any of us have teeth, for chewing food, bears also use teeth to kill their prey. also by having teeth they can tear apart their prey into smaller chunks for easier eating

How many teeth does a grizzly bear have?

42 total 3 incisors both sides top and bottom 1 canines both sides top and bottom 4 pre-molars both sides top and bottom 2 molars both sides on top 3 molars both sides on the bottom 20 teeth on top and 22 on the bottom

What bears are called moon bears?

The Asian black bear, also known as the moon bear or white-chested bear,is a medium-sized species of bear, largely adapted for arboreal life, seen across much of the Himalayas and the northern parts of the Indian Subcontinent, Korea, northeastern China, the Russian far east and the Honshū and Sh (MORE)

How long are grizzly bears teeth?

Which teeth are we talking about here? The canines, the incisors or the molars? If the canines, then on average they are around 3 to 4 inches in length.

Why are bears called bears?

I would guess because when they make noise, it sounds like they are saying "bear." Just watch some youtube videos...

Which teeth are called tearing teeth?

There are four main types of teeth. Each has a slightly differentshape and function. The canine teeth in the corners of your mouthhelp you tear food. Also called cuspids, the canines are often thelargest teeth in the mouth. Incisors are the teeth in the front andcenter that you use to take bites of (MORE)

Why are panda bears called bears?

It is important to understand that the taxonomy (classification andgrouping) of animals can change over time. When first described byEuropean scientists, giant pandas were classified as bears or ursid(a family of carnivores ) in the mammal class of vertebrateanimals. Then for a few decades, scientis (MORE)

Which teeth do polar bears grind with?

Polar bears are carnivores. Like most carnivores, they use their sharp carnassial teeth to tear the meat off of their kill and then swallow it, without chewing. Raw meat is easier to digest than cooked meat or vegetation, and chewing meat is not necessary for most meat eating animals.

What are whales with teeth called?

The whales with teeth are called toothed whales. The ones that don't have teeth are called baleen whales. Baleen whales use filters to drain out water from plankton.

Why does a polar bear have sharp teeth and claws?

Polar Bears have sharp teeth and sharp claws because they arecarnivores. Carnivores need such parts to rip through flesh andsuch. Also, to fight off enemies. I mean, that's basically whyPolar bears--or any other bear for that matter--have such sharpclaws and fangs.

How do you brush your bears teeth in build a bear ville?

First you have to have a sink. When you have that, go to the room it is in. When you go there, double click on the bear. After that, look right above you chat bar. You should see three options, to feed it, make it sleep, or brush its teeth. Click the toothbrush and it should work. You do the same th (MORE)

What are ferret teeth called?

Ferrets have 4 types of teeth. An adult ferret has 34 teeth in total 12 incisors - the small teeth which are only a few milometers in size 4 Canines - long fang like teeth which are used to kill prey 12 premolars - At the side of the mouth which are used for chewing 6 molars - At the back of the (MORE)

What type of teeth do brown bears have?

Oddly enough, pretty much the same type and number of teeth as the average human, only with much larger cuspids (canines). Bears like humans are omnivores.

Which bear has no front teeth?

The Sloth bear, native to India, eats mostly insects and therefore lacks frontal incisors which are primarily used by other bears for ripping and tearing large pieces of flesh.

Why are Vampire's teeth called Fangs?

Your typical vampire does not have fangs. Fangs are a result of Count Dracula who, in addition to being a vampire, was also a high level sorcerer as well and could alter his physical form. Most vampires do not have this ability and actually get at blood by employing knives or prods.

How do teeth help a bear to survive?

Bear's teeth help almost all of the bears survive, for example; polar bears need their teeth to tear of meat from seals and other animals. Teeth also help bears to protect them. A hard bite in you neck from a grizzly can easily take your head off. You get the picture

How do you get your bear to brush its teeth on Bearville?

If you have a Cub Condo, Ski Lodge, Beachfront Home or Cruise Ship Cabin in-game, buy a sink from the Bear Stuff Store and put in in your condo. Then, double-click your bear and click on the option to have it brush its teeth.

Why are koalas called bears when they are not bears?

Koalas have some resemblance to a teddy bear, hence the nickname. In Australia, they are not known as "koala bears". This term began to be phased out during the mid-twentieth century, but has remained popular with overseas visitors.

What are ant's teeth called?

Ants don't have teeth in the way that humans and other mammals have teeth. They have jaws called mandibles and maxillae, and those jaws have pointy bits on the part with which the ant bites. (Human jaws are also called mandibles and maxillae, but they are quite different.) The pointy bits on ants (MORE)