What do you call a flying dinosaur?

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A bird. Since birds are members of the clade Dinosauria (specifically Aves, etc.), and most can fly, they would be the flying dinosaurs. It is possible that some closely related dinosaurs (such as Rahonavis, etc.) could fly while not being members of the clade Aves (and therefore, not birds).

Answer2: Paleontologist have unearthed bones of many smaller dinosaurs. Some not much larger than a chicken. However, the pterosaur (winged lizard) were not actually dinosaurs nor were they birds. They were flying reptiles and are classified with other reptiles such as dinosaurs and crocodiles. Some had wingspans of more than 50 feet [15m]. These were perhaps the largest animals ever to fly. While the pterosaurs appeared to be a bird with stiff aerodynamic wings, they were much different. A bird's wings use feathers rather than a membrane as was the case with the pterosaurs.
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Did dinosaurs fly?

Contributors have said: No. None of the dinosaurs flew. The flying reptiles that lived during the Age of Dinosaurs were not dinosaurs. According to recent fossil finds i

What was the flying dinosaur called?

The name Pterosaurs, often referred to as pterodactyls existed from the late Triassic to the end of the Cretaceous period (220 to 65.5 million years ago). They included the ve

How did dinosaurs fly?

Simply put, they couldn't. This was a right held for pterosaurs, whom flew a lot like bats.

Are there flying dinosaurs?

Yes, and in fact they are all around us - the birds. Birds are descended from dinosaurs and are therefore dinosaurs themselves, and since most birds can fly, they can be accur

What were flying dinosaurs called?

Flying dinosaurs were and are called birds. Birds are the only living decendents of dinosaurs and their morphology is so similar to the raptor family of therapod dinosaurs tha

How did a dinosaur fly?

Dinosaurs evolved to be much like the modern day birds. They developed wings with feathers and eventually, by evolution, they flew.

When were there flying dinosaurs?

What most people call "flying dinosaurs" were actually pterosaurs, flying reptiles that were unrelated to dinosaurs. However, birds are considered by most scientists to be a c

What was a flying dinosaur called?

There was a group of flying reptiles in the dinosaur times called pterosaurs . These are sometimes called dinosaurs in informal talk, but they technically were not dinosaurs,

What is the largest flying dinosaur called?

"Flying dinosaur" is not an accurate term. There are birds, which are a subgroup of dinosaurs, and there are pterosaurs, which were flying reptiles, but not dinosaurs. The lar