What do you do if your iPhone crashes?

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Nothing. Its a normal iPhone thing.
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Where can you get an iPhone?

You can purchase an iPhone from all different places. First, there is the option of buying one online or If you prefer buying one in a store, you can either go to an Apple sto

What is a crash?

a crash is a very common thing they do happen every where unexpectedly two vehicles collide leaving serious damage to one anothers rides. example skidding, breaking to late, n

IPhone crash and stuck on apple icon?

First of all you need to know whats version do you have in your device. After that watch some guide videos on you tube. Do not watch old videos because it wont be helpful or p

What is iphon?

a phone with a touchscreen but it has no blue tooth and it has wifi I Wouldnt Get One Because It's Cost So Much And .. Who Cares About Phon's

What can you do on the iPhone?

On the iPhone you can do many different things. I can't name everything an iPhone can do, because it can do so much it is extraordinary. Some things you can do on the iPhone a
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My iPod Crashed how do you regain your apps back onto your iPod Touch iPhone iPad?

Same thing happened to me. Only, I have an iPod Touch. It came with the new software, version 5.0.1. Most of Cydia's repositories can not control iOS 5, so they instead crash
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Does mp3 rocket 6.2 crash your iPhone?

Not sure TBH just got the iOS6 and suddenly the music keeps randomly pausing and starting again. Not sure if its the apple update or the mp3 Rocket update as both were a few d
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How do you answer the iPhone?

wel u know if itz on a mobile fone then u can press da green button do u get me? it is different on a home fone tho blad lolz
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How do i get a crash?

cymbal at a music store if you mean something else-rephrase