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What do you do on the secret island on Skullduggery Island?

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Once you defeat Captain Crawfish, and collect all five map pieces, you can go to the new island (Skullduggery) and dig up the buried treasure. Before you have done these two tasks, the island has no purpose. After Captain Crawfish has been chased away, the Governor will give you the treasure location and bone shovel.

(In order to beat Captain Crawfish, you will need the strongest ship, the Phoenix Warbird.)
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What do you do with the chicken on Skullduggery Island?

Take it to the corn farm to the right of the bridge, where it will eat some pesky bugs. The farmer will give you the blue candle, which you can later use at the Governor's hou

Where do you get the mallet on Skullduggery Island?

At Dragon Cove, the mallet is under the floating statue in the water. Jump on the head of the floating statue, and the tail will pop up with the mallet. Use it to bring fish u

What do you do with the blue candle on Skullduggery Island?

Take it to the Governor's house, where its light will reveal the faded writing on the Parchment letter.

What do you do at parrot port on Skullduggery Island?

Parrot Port is the island directly right (3 o'clock position) from Fort Ridley. You do not normally buy cargoes there because nothing is relatively cheap. You can sell any sal

How do you find the parrot on Skullduggery Island?

The parrot is at the Trading Post when you arrive. You may want to go inside Petey's Pub and get the cracker (upper left corner) before dealing with the parrot. When the par

How do you get a crew on Skullduggery Island?

Once you have several thousand doubloons, you can increase the performance of your ship by hiring one or more skilled crewmen. They can help you avoid sinking (shipwright), ca

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How do you beat Skullduggery Island on Poptropica?

Skullduggery island is the 13th Island in Poptropica and opened June 17, 2010. *This solution contains spoilers* Enter the island from the Island Map (members had Early Acce

Where is captain crawfish on Skullduggery Island?

His ship is sailing around the islands, mostly between Golden Harbor and the Pirate Outpost along the bottom of the sea map. Staying in that area too long will usually bring h

Where is the mirror on Skullduggery Island?

The broken mirror is on the top right shelf in Stinky Tim's General Store. The clerk will let you have it for free.

Where is Golden Harbor on Skullduggery Island?

Golden Harbor (an Arabic-themed island) is southeast of Fort Ridley (in the lower right position). Its bank will loan you doubloons to buy larger cargos but it charges interes

How do you get a ship on Skullduggery Island?

You get your first ship (a raft) at Fort Ridley when you provide a clue to the Governor. Go past the covered bridge, then down to the river. Pick up a doubloon from the left

How do you signal ships on skullduggery island?

The telescope and broken mirror are used exactly ONCE on Skullduggery island. If you speak to the woman at the far right of the island, she will tell you her husband was lost

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What island was after skullduggery island on Poptropica?

Skullduggery island was the 13th Poptropica island, released on June 17, 2010. Steamworks Island will be the 14th island in Poptropica, due on September 9, 2010. (the perio

How do you get a cannon on Skullduggery Island?

The larger ships you can buy have cannon to battle the island's various pirates and sea creatures. Unless you have a lot of practice aiming and shooting, you should only engag

How do you get a lot of money on Skullduggery Island?

Collect salvage from the sea and trade among the islands to accumulate your wealth, and avoid getting sunk. (There is mostly salvage between Parrot Port and Golden Harbor and

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What do you do on skullduggery island?

On Skullduggery Island, the object is to trade among the 5 outlying islands, amassing a fortune through salvaging, buying, and selling the four commodities (Grain, Spice, Medi

How do you beat the indian island on Skullduggery Island?

Golden Harbor   To get the Treasure Map piece at Golden Harbor, you have to click  on the street lamps (lanterns) so that the 1st, 2nd and 4th  lanterns (counting from t