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What do you do when your newborns dad don't want anything to do with her?

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I say that you just need to go up to him and ask to talk. Tell him that he did'nt think about this situation when he had sex with you. So why sart thinking now? Look..i know it's hard on you but i gotta carry this around for nine months. So when the baby asks who is my daddy. I'm gonna tell her "well baby,he was just one of those guys that wanted action and then took off to be with some other hoochie.". Don't stalk him..yeah your mad,but that's just ridiculous! Hold your head up high and strut down the street with that big stomache and feel the wind going through your nostrel to your brown. And baby! blow that pain away!
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Can you leave a newborn at the hospital if you don't want it?

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