What do you do with a gas hot water tank when there is no water?

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Shut the tank down, so that it does not fire up.

Was you water shut off,due to unpaid bill. Is there a break in the water line feed to the house. Did the check valve break, did someone shut off a valve to the heater.

For what ever reason, if there is no water flow to the heater, it must be turned off.
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Why is your water tank not retaining hot water?

Answer . Assuming you are talking about a home water heater, there is a pressure relief valve above the hot water line - usually on a tee or an ell above where the hot wat

Why does your hot water tank leak water?

Depends on where the leak is. Inlet and out connections may havewashers and pipes rust or corrode. Pressure relief valves can tobad. If it's leaking from the bottom, then it h

What does it mean when you don't have hot water and you have a gas hot water tank?

It means your water heater is not heating the water or or that the hot water is not being deliver to the location you are testing temperature. Sorry, thats a bad answer beca

Why does your hot water tank have rust in it?

All hot water tanks have rust after 4-5 years. If you are a sensible homeowner, drain and clean it every 3-4 years. You first turn OFF the power to tank, now remove the anode