What do you think about watching tv?

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it can be entertaining or boring depending on the movie or show you are watching.
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Why you watch TV?

If you r bored you can watch t.v. .T.v. keeps you company because it has lotsa movies and programmes!!!!!! .

Do you think watching television is good?

Watching television does have it's good points. But the increase in children watching television is growing. This means that children won't get to spend as much time going out

Who are watching TVs?

TVS, otherwise known as Television Sydney (www.tvs.tv), is an Australian free-to-air community television channel with an average monthly audience in excess of one million vie

Do you think watching tv is educational?

yes because it makes u use Ur imagination more often like the episodes when sponge bob found a box and did crazy things with it, kids can T of st learn AOLuff from TV

How do you watch a TV?

The best place that I have found where you can watch tv online for a small fee is Satellite Direct, includes loads of Satellite channels and is a really good service, includi

When do watch TV?

At 3:00 take a 10 to 15 minute break every hour. Watch it until 8:30 if you want.
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Can you watch tv with tv card?

Yes. You would need to hook the cable/Satellite box cable up to the computer.
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What does Angelina Jolie think of Watching TV?

In an interview on June 2009 Angelina Jolie was questioned on what she thinks about Television her reply was "Television can be used to show you what's happening around the wo
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What does Megan Fox think about Watching TV?

On June 2009 Megan Fox was interviewed. One of the questions were "What do you think about Tv?" Her reply was "Watching TV helps you too relax, enjoy yourself and sometimes ca