What does 'DIY' stand for?

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I'm pretty sure it stands for 'Do It Yourself'.
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What are DIY outlets?

DIY outlets are a group of chain stores that sell Do-It-Yourselfitems. The name of the store chain is Do-It-Yourself Hardware. Manystores from this chain are located in the st

How did he diy?

He ate too much cake. The Aperture science weighted companion cube dared him to.

DIY what does it mean?

DIY means Do It Yourself. This term can often be used when talking about crafts, art, carpentry, or decorations.

Why did spinosaurus diy?

It died mainly because of a decline in large prey. It also died out because the fish and small animals couldn't support the spino because of its size. When it tried to scaveng
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What does diy stand for online?

DIY stands for "Do It Yourself". This applies to many things at home, at work, in the garden, etc.. Fun crafts can be accomplished with little money.

What is DIY projects?

DIY stands for Do It Yourself. A DIY project is any project (a kind of practical implementation of the theoretical knowledge) which a person can see or learn about and then do
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What means diy?

Most common acronym-Do it yourself as in diy project