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"Mind your P's and Q's" means "mind your behavior" - "be on your best behavior" - "mind your manners" in modern parlance.

The Origin of P and Q:
In old England the pubs served their beer and ale in pints and quarts. As there was no legal limit or anything like that, the men in the pubs often got rowdy, belligerent, or started fights. The 'bar tender' would often have to shout over the chaos, "SIT DOWN! MIND YOUR PINTS AND QUARTS AND BE QUIET!" or something along those lines. Minding the pints and quarts meant don't slosh them around and spill them. This came down to us as a reprimand for rowdy behavior:
It relates back to the age of little 12 year olds become printing apprentices. So when they used to set up the letters on the press it would be very hard to identify the p's from the q's. That's were the quote mind your p's and q's came from. Now what it means is that you should not worry about knowing the difference between p's and q's. So just mind your business
I believe it comes from the fact that lower case p and lower case q are mirror images in many fonts. Compounding the problem (when fonts were collections of individual tiny letter stamps) is the fact that the physical letter stamp is a mirror image of the printed form. This must have led to a lot of confusion and constant typographical errors. 'Mind your p's and q's' would then have an obvious meaning.
It may, also, be associated with Irish colloquial vernacular. When regular patrons of an Irish Pub would draw or pour their own beer during an evening their count or number of drinks would be tabulated on a black board in the size ( i.e. pints and quarts) and number of the drinks they consumed during their visit. And as the night drew on the bar keep would remind each to mind their tab with "mind your pints and quarts" or "mind your P's & Q's". This would really mean that they should settle their bar tab before they left the establishment.
An alternate meaning for this idiom, and the one most commonly accepted as historical fact, dates back to the Olde English Pubs of yester-year. In order to remind the patrons of how much Ale or Mead they had drunk as the night progressed, the bartender would write on a chalk board (or the like) each (P)int and (Q)uart that had been consumed by each patron. It allowed said patrons to keep up with their tab, and prevented disagreements from happening between bar and patron. The term is actually correctly stated as "'Mind' your p's and q's." In this instance it is considered a warning to not get too drunk to pay your tab. Likewise in today's parlance it is a warning to pay attention to anything in general.
Look in Wikipedia too to help you decide which explanation is correct. (see related link below)
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Where did the saying mind your p's and q's come from?

Mind Your P's and Q's . The saying was to remind people to watch which way you write it. In other words, pay attention to what you're doing.. It is currently synonymous wi

What are p's and q's?

It means mind your manners / mind your language / be on your bestbehaviour.

What is the origin of the phrase mind your p's and q's?

The contextual meaning of this phrase is "mind your manners," i.e. be on your best behavior. It is an imperative for politeness, etiquette, and social propriety. (For instance

Where does p's and q's come from?

the saying "Mind your p's and q's" is referring to using your manners. The 'p' stands for Please and the 'q' stands for Thank you (thanque)

Where did mind your P's and Q's come from?

3 Answers: (the second sounds best to me - but the real one is the third answer!) The actual answer that I have always been taught is the first one. I have never heard of th

What does mind you p's and t's mean?

Actually, it's mind your PS and qs. It means, be careful and meticulous in what you say and how you behave. When I was young, I did a little typesetting. Moveable type is love

Replacement for idiom mind your p's and q's?

In my experience as a child, this phrase was used quite often, on a regulas basis. To me it always meant the same thing as "mind your manners". I would be very interested to k

Sentence about why to mind one's p's and q's?

In old England the pubs served their beer and ale in pints and quarts. As there was no legal limit or anything like that, the men in the pubs often got rowdy, belligerent, or

What is origin of the phrase 'mind your p's and q's'?

Opinions vary; strongest advocates seem to separate into two large groups; beer drinkers' waiters and 'hot lead' typesetters. A Barman's potboy needed to keep track of his 'p
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What is the origin of the idiom 'Mind your P's and Q's'?

this is 17th Century language from Public Houses, means 'mind your pints and quarts' It was a reminder to patrons to note how much drink had been consumed and in what quantiti
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What does the p stand for in p's and q's?

The p in PS means post script and you write it afer leters for things you forget. If you are referring to the old expression, "mind your p's and q's" it stands for pints.
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What does the P in mind your p's and q's mean?

Most people just think it means the letter P - as in "watch how youwrite your letters because p and q look similar when you write themor put them into a printing press." It ca
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Where did the phrase minding your P's and Q's come from?

There are several theories of where this came from but the most widely accepted is from old English pubs. They served beer in pints and quarts. Some say the barkeep would remi