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What does 10 k gersc mean on a ring?

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"GE" means gold electroplate the rest are the initials of the designer
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What does 18k gersc stamped on the inside a diamond ring mean?

A: The GE usually stands for Gold Electroplate. The rest is the initials of the designer. Gold Electroplating is done by taking a silver ring, plating it with copper, and the

What does 14 k on ring mean?

14 karat its kind of like how much gold is in it ** 14k gold is approximately 58% pure gold... meaning 14/24 of gold.. 24 being pure.

What does 10 k corona stand for inside a ring?

The 10K relate to the purity of the gold. If you divide 24k, which is the symbol for pure gold, by 10 the answer is .416666, which means that 10K is 41.66% pure gold. The Coro

What is heavier a 10 k gold ring or a 18 k gold ring?

The weight and purity are not related. A karat is a measure of purity when talking about gold, while a karat for a diamond is dependent on size so if the 10K and the 18K rings

What does SW 14 K mean on a ring?

Most likely it is the manufacturers initials. ** if the "SW" is on a ring then it could be the makers mark or it could refer to the stone if there is one.. more details about