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No knowledge about the Gangster Disciples should be spoken outside of the Folk Nation.

*Join the Folk Nation learn ur knowledge(don't tell outsiders)
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What are the identifying tattoos of the 'Gangster disciples'?

Six point stars and pitchforks, as well as most other things with 6s. Gangsta Disciples Nation is a Folk Nation set. Numbers usually associated with the Gangsta Disciples is 3

What is the gangster disciples creed?

the GD creed is "whiteboys stop tryin to find GD knowledge and literature online" u fake ass pussy boy first of all i'd like to say " u are what you eat" so if ur callin h

How do you get in gangster disciples?

U have to go through initiation the only way u can get in it without having to go through initiation is if u have a family member that was or is still in it then u will be ble

What are the Gangster Disciples?

The Black Gangster Disciples aka the Gangster Disciples Nation is a gang that is under the Folk Nation. They got their start in the 1950's and their founders are Larry Hoover

Where can you join the gangster disciples in Louisiana?

The Gangster Disciples are worldwide but the majority of them are in the Mid-West and Southern States, so really if u wanna be a member of the GD's here's a couple suggestions
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Are Gangster Disciples Crips?

The Gangster Disciples & the Crips are two different gangs. The Gangster Disciples are a gang under the Folk Nation & the Crips are a gang under the Crip Alliance.