What does 5 ATM mean on a wrist watch?

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"ATM" stands for ATMospheres and the number before it, refers to the number of atmospheres of pressure the watch will withstand before leaking. At sea level we are all subjected to one atmosphere of pressure, because we have one atmosphere of air above us pressing down. For every 33 feet (10 metres) underwater you go, the pressure increases by 1 atmosphere. Therefore, at 33 feet underwater the pressure is 2 atmospheres (2 ATM), at 66 feet underwater the pressure is 3 atmospheres (3 ATM), etc. So 5 ATM is equivalent to 132 feet (40 metres) underwater. In conclusion, the ATM rating of a watch is the number of atmospheres of pressure the watch will withstand before breaking/leaking. To convert ATM 's into the depth rating in metres just subtract 1 and multiply by 10. eg: 5 ATM = (5 - 1)*10 = 40 metres.
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What does ATM mean?

atm means at the moment. It can also stand for Facebook ATM, found at http:// . josephjgomez.com/ facebook - atm . It's a program that helps people add 1000s of Facebook Fans in less than an hour. It's great if you've been trying to make money with Facebook, but with no luck. Copy and paste the lin (MORE)

What is the rarest wrist watch in the world?

Answer \n. My guess is the Patek Philippe Calibre 89, it is often described as the most complicated watch ever created. There is only 1 copy in existence. . That is a pocket watch. The OP asked about wrist watches. . BTW there are 4 copies in existence. One each in yellow, white rose gold, and (MORE)

What does Japan movement mean when pertaining to a wrist watch?

It means the part of the watch that moves the hands are from Japan. Absolutely true. Japanese watch companies are using lots of plastic in their watches. It makes them very cheap, but they don't live for too long. They are definitely better then Chinese ones, but not even comparable to Swiss-made (MORE)

Why do wrist watches show 1010 on them?

It is 10.12 37sec not 10.10 ok. Because astrologers told that American President Mr. Abraham Lincon would die at the time of 10.15AM. So, entire Americans stopped their watches at 10.12AM 37sec in American clock tower. But none can escape from death. He died exactly at 10.14AM by Gun-shot and (MORE)

What does signed mean with wrist watches?

When someone says that they have a wrist watch that is signed itmeans that the face of the watch has a signature on it. Many famousartists will sign watch faces.

What is the value of a Hamilton wrist watch?

depends on the year and model of the watch. the khaki quartz model (new) can be purchased for around $150, prices go up based on the year and model. excellent watches. now owned by swatch group.

What is the Biggest Wrist Watch?

There are a lot of large wrist watches to choose from. Often times, the really big ones will be the ones that are waterproof to large depths, shock proof, and will have a lot of features. As far as concrete brands, Casio, especially their G-shock line, will have a lot of large watches.

Advantage of the wrist watch?

from a century watch plays a great role.Wrist Watches are one ofthe most important devices in the daily lives of humanbeings.Wristwatches as a timepiece.with time there are so manyevolutions of watches and now wrist watches are one of them watchesplayed a huge role in fashion accessory. Verity of wa (MORE)

How does a wrist watch work?

some wrist watches work by kinetic energy ! ther are small weights in the watch which move around when a wrist action is made . where as any other kind a watches is powered by well that's the thing i just don't know :( do u know a sam Scott coz i do and he is like welll fit man ;) if u see him say (MORE)

How can you determine direction with a wrist watch?

Point the hour hand at the sun (only works in daytime and north of equator). South will be halfway between the hour hand and noon (12 o'clock). Note that daylight savings and local variation all introduce error, but it's close enough if you're desperate.

What does ATM on a wrist watch mean?

The term "atm" means "atmosphere" It's a term used to measure pressure. One atmosphere is the atmospheric air pressure at sea level. On a watch it is a measure of water resistance. Under water the pressure increases by one atmosphere for every 10 metres of depth. So "10 atm" on a watch means it is (MORE)

What is the value of Waltham wrist watch?

The watch that I have is a waltham MLB 1994 boxed in a tin can with removable lid. can painted to resemble a baseball and titiled looney tunes major league baseball for the st louis cardinals scribed on back of watch is lto1slc136, vp31, sr927sw , original sku was 050 995111. Watch face has all 12 d (MORE)

What is meaning of the ATM?

ATM stands for Automatic Teller Machine. If you insert your magnetic card and enter your secret pin, the ATM can dispense cash (Upto the limit of either your bank balance or a max amount per day) automatically Some people even call it Any Time Money because the ATM's are open 24 hrs a day.

Why does your wrist watch lose time?

Cause when fat in your body gets hot and you try to exercise you get sweety and you loose it and when u eat a real big plate and don't exercise it gets like you

What does 3 ATM mean on a wrist watch?

Protected in everyday life, bathing, accidental splashes, short swimming or car washing - it is resistant against perspiration, water vapor, rain drops. It is tested for water resistance up to 3 ATM, and must be able to survive 30 minutes under water at a depth of 1 m (3 feet) followed by 90 second (MORE)

What is a metaphor for a wrist watch?

if you are wearing yours, then you determine your time. If you have someone elses watch, means your wearing their time... You know why? Cause it's the 2nd time somones left their watch at my place, and they come to me. POwer it is. Weird but true.

What is the key used in wrist watches?

Keys are normally not used with wrist watches. a number of pocket watches made in the mid to late nineteenth century did use them the same key was used to first wind and then set the movement. there was no winding stem or crown. The inventon of the4 Stem winder as early as about l877 by Henry Abbot (MORE)

What is the working principle of wrist watch?

Quartz clocks and watches use the piezo electric effect of a silicon dioxide crystal that generates a tiny voltage across it when deformed. Two wires from gold plated patches are taken from either side of the crystal and the unit is encapsulated in a tiny cylinder. The watch crystal is laser trimmed (MORE)

Who is naef wrist watch company?

Herr Walter Naef had a watch company on 5th Avenue in NYC....sold to the US military in WWII. One of his watches used to be on display in the Air & Space museum in Washington DC.

How much does a wrist watch cost?

You can get a cheapo plastic LCD watch at the dollar discount-type stores. Or, spend over $1,100,000 for a Jacob & Co. watch smothered in diamonds. Breguet makes a model for just over $800k without any diamonds at all.

Titan wrist watch brands?

Titan wrist watch made by advanced technology and making for todays circumantance so Titan wrist watch is the best brand.

Is a wrist watch kinetic energy?

No. A wristwatch is a device used to monitor the passage of time, popularly referred to as a "clock" or "timepiece". It has no kinetic energy while it's lying on the dresser. It acquires a small amount of kinetic energy when you put it on your wrist and walk around. It acquires a greater am (MORE)

What is d designer wrist watch?

Designer watches, such as Patek Phillipe watches, are well-made timepieces that are produced by luxury brands. Other examples of designer watches include Audemars Piguet watches and A Lange and Sohne watches. For more information on designer watches, you might want to visit http://www.timeimports.co (MORE)

What does 12 jewels on a wrist watch mean?

In a watch, the jewels refer to bearings for the shafts of the various moving parts as well as the escapement. Jewels, as opposed to plain bushings, tend to be harder and lower friction and thus wear far less and also tend to make the watch run better. The 7 jewels is the minimum for a functional je (MORE)

What wrist do you wear a watch?

There is no right or wrong wrist to wear a watch on. If you're right-handed, it's best to wear a watch on your left wrist and vice versa, but it's entirely your preference.

What does 10 ATM mean on a watch?

ATM = Atmospheres. It means the amount of pressure the watch can take in atmospheres before failure is assumed. 2 ATM is about 1/2 a meter under water. so drop it in the sink and you're ok,,, drop it in the Mariana trench and kiss it goodbye ;)

Which was the world's first wrist watch?

The first wrist watch (then called a wristlet) was made for women by Patek Philippe. It contained a small pocket watch movement and the case was attached to the wrist by a ribbon or cord. The first mens wrist watch is generally accepted to have been made on commission to the German Army by Girard-Pe (MORE)

Where can Hamilton wrist watches be bought from?

Hamilton wrist watches can be bought in a wide variety of locations. They can simply be bought at a local Hamilton store, or a local wrist watch store. They can also be bought at the official Hamilton website.

What does 3 ATM mean on wrist watches?

"3 ATM" on a watch is a pressure rating for 3 atmospheres (a unitof pressure equivalent to three times Earth's atmosphere) which isroughly equivalent to 30 meters (~100 feet) of water resistance(though most manufacturers will not recommend you swim or dive withit at all)

How fast does a wrist watch tic?

Most quartz watches will tick 1 time a second (for practicalreasons as if it goes any faster it will drain the battery). As formechanical watches, it depends on the movement - it could roughlygo from anywhere to 4 to 8 ticks a second.

How to change a wrist watch battery?

This may be either easy or hard . Some watch backs can easily be popped off or removed by taking outsome screws, after doing that replacing the battery is fairlyobvious. Some watch backs however need specialized tools that only a jewelerwill have. Leave these to the jeweler.