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What does A106 14K P mean on gold ring?

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What do the numbers inside a 14k gold ring mean?

it should say 14 K for the gold weight   Answer:   The 14K (14 Karat) means that the ring contains 14 parts of gold by weight out of 24 parts of total weight. Gold is o

What does 14K TGF ESPO mean on gold ring?

Ok What I think that it means is 14KT = 14karat GF=gold filled and ESPO is the maker. Sometimes when marking the piece the letters don't always line up exactly the way that t

What does 14k P F G mean on gold ring?

The 14K P means "Karat Plumb" which is solid 14K gold. The "FG" stands for Frederick Goldman, who founded Frederick Goldman Inc. in 1948 in New York City. Frederlck Goldman ha

What does 14k FA mean inside a Gold ring?

If the "A" is set at an angle, it is more likely not an A after all, but a G. Fredrick Goldman is a ring manufacturer that uses the "FG" jewelers mark. The F is vertical and t