What does BTR mean in military terms?

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What does contact mean in military terms?

The term "Contact" was most widely used in the Vietnam War because that particular war was fought for "body counts." All previous US wars were fought for territory. So, when G

What does military term sandi mean?

Sandi? You might be referring to "Sandy", which was a term for search and rescue escort missions in Vietnam, which were usually flown by an A-1 Skyraider.

What does carry on mean in military terms?

Carry on is said after a senior officer enters an area, and it means to continue on with what ever you were working on prior to his/her entering a room or area.

What does rotation mean in military terms?

Rotation refers to change in assignment and or location. It is usually used when people have to be sent to less then nice places, like the front lines, or to countries where t

What does rta mean in military terms?

The only term I can think of which would be relevant is "Real Time Assessment", which isn't really that common a term. Are you sure you're not thinking of RTO - Radiotelephone

What does the term 'as you were' mean in military terms?

'As you were' is said by a superior officer to let the men know they can return to whatever they were doing before he interrupted them. Or it may mean that whatever command