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DU stands for Fannie Mae's Desktop Underwriting System, used in replace or an addition of a human underwriter (UW) to qualify for a mortgage loan. DU can decline your file and once it's declined, it will appear on a national database that every underwriter will see.

Recently, that terminology is used to describe one of the ways, to access the new loan products, that fall under the administrations efforts to help struggling, and not so struggling homeowners.

The two new products Fannie Mae created, at the behest of the President, can either be run through this system, or not. If one can pass through DU underwriting, one is probably not so struggling, and the truly struggling have to be underwritten by a human UW, on the non DU Gov't suggested refi product.

Some lenders have chosen to only refi the not so struggling owners, who the DU system approves, and not even bother to look at the non DU files.

In some cases, one might not pass thru DU, and still be eligible with manual UW, or vice versa.

Freddie Mac Underwriting System is known as LP.
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