What does Deus dona mihi serenitatem accipere res quae non possum mutare fortitudinem mutare res quae possum atque sapientiam differentiam cognoscere mean?

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The English translation from the Latin is: "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference." (The text is the well-known and beloved Serenity Prayer of the various Twelve-Steps Programs.)
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What does eat more possum mean?

Oh my!!! YA DON'T KNOW. It means exactly what it says....EAT more possum.. Just like eat more chickin. Haven't ya ever heard of eatin possum???

Are possums omnivores?

Most species of possums in Australia are omnivores, meaning they eat both plant and animal matter. Possums commonly eat fruit (making them partly frugivorous), grains and seeds (granivorous), plant shoots and nectar. They have also been known to eat insects (meaning they are also insectivorous), (MORE)

What are possums' enemies?

Man is the main enemy of the possum. He destroys its habitat, and actively seeks to remove it when it then takes up residence in house roofs. (It should be noted that in New Zealand the possum should be eradicated, due to the massive damage it is causing, as it is not native to the country.) Do (MORE)

What does deus servo mihi tutela meus viscus ex vulnero tutela meus animus ex malum contego mihi ex hostum mean in English?

\n. \nGod watch over me. Protect my heart, protect my spirit and shield me from evil and harm.\n. \nI do not know the word hostum but I am guessing "harm."\n. \ndeus servo mihi tutela meus viscus ex vulnero tutela meus animus ex malum contego mihi ex hostium. \n. \nGod watch over me, protect my (MORE)

How did possum get its name?

There are slightly different versions of how the 'possum got its name. From WikiPedia (see also link below): . The Virginia Opossum is the original animal named "opossum". The word comes from Algonquian 'wapathemwa' meaning "white animal", not from Greek or Latin, so the plural is opossums. Co (MORE)

Can you pat a possum?

Yes. But not straight away - Only when they get used to you hand feeding them for a while and build so much trust that when they come visit you they don't get scared at any random time and for this to all happen you need to be really slow, patient, friendly and gentle. Otherwise they may get scared (MORE)

Do possums hibernate?

No. Possums do not hibernate. They remain active through all seasons. True possums are native to Australia, New Guinea and Sulawesi, and are quite different to the North American opossum. However, the Mountain Pygmy Possum is a tiny possum which lives in the Alpine regions of Victoria and New Sou (MORE)

Are possums mean?

No possums are a very nice animal, but the will keep you up all night because they are noctunal

How do possums mate?

They mate like most mammals, not through the nose like some people believe. The male has a forked penis and the female has two vaginae. They only mate one time a year yet the female will deliver two litters throughout the year. This is due to one of the pregnancies being delayed.. Only the honey p (MORE)

Who was Re?

1. Re is the chemical symbol of rhenium. 2. Ra (or sometimes Re) was the god of sun for the ancient Egyptians. .

Re what do it mean?

"RE" is an abbreviation meaning "Referencing:" followed by the item being referenced.. For example:. RE: The question posed on Wikianswers.. "RE:" is an abbreviation meaning "Referencing:" followed by the item being referenced.

What does deus servo mihi mean?

"God Save Me The above answer is correct but i will add. A very well known term is Deus Servo Regina Translating to god save the queen Deus is God (nom. subject) Servo is save (1 person sing. pres act ind.) Mihi is me. (dat. sing reference) EDIT: Servo is not the verb "servo", which would (MORE)

What does 'Vir clarus manu sua dextra urbem quae in montibus fuit defenderat' mean in English?

The sentence 'Vir clarus manu sua dextra urbem quae in montibus fuit defenderat' is in Latin.. In the word-by-word translation, the noun 'vir' means 'man'. The adjective 'clarus' means 'distinguished'. The noun 'manu' means 'hand'. The adjectives 'sua' and 'dextra' respectively mean 'his' and 'righ (MORE)

What does it mean when a possum comes in to your house?

Seeking food, no need to panic, it will not hurt you, give them a way out and they will go. No need to kill it, calm down...ha. All they want is a way out, trap them in a large box or herd them with a broom or 2 to the nearest exit. They can be picked up by the tail but be careful and quick, hold th (MORE)

What does the saying 'to play possum' mean?

The saying "playing possum" comes from the tendency of the American opossum (which is not a true possum) to fall into a deathlike stupor when threatened. An animal that "plays possum" actually goes into a state of physiological suspension whereupon it appears to be quite dead. This is a defence (MORE)

What does operor non diligo mihi. mean in English?

You can be absolutely certain that anything that begins with the words Operor non is not an actual Latin sentence, but rather the output of a certain online "translation" site that produces these words when presented with an English text that begins "Do not . . .". It might be possible to work out (MORE)

Is a possum an autotroph?

No, an autotroph is an organism that can create its own food. Both opossums and possums must find food in the environment.

When do possums eat?

Possums are nocturnal and eat at night, mostly feeding on nectar, plants, small insects and young shoots.

What is Vocatus atque non vocatus deus aderit in English?

Vocatus atque non vocatus Deus aderit is Latin for "Called and uncalled, God will be present." It is a quotation, popularized by Carl Jung, from the Renaissance scholar Desiderius Erasmus, who called it an old Spartan proverb. This is sometimes quoted with aut ("or") in place of atque , or wi (MORE)

Are possums loud?

Depends on the weather! If its wet, possums tend to stay in-door, if its dry, you wont sleep for ages with those guys scurrying about on your roof and screeching.

Do possums migrate?

No. Possums do not migrate, but are highly territorial, remaining in one area all their life.

Is a possum a macropod?

No. The word "macropod" is a Greek word meaning long-footed. A macropod is a marsupial with long hind legs, which tend to use hopping and jumping as their main means of locomotion (movement). This group includes marsupials found in Australia, such as kangaroos, wallabies, tree-kangaroos, pademelon (MORE)

What attracts possums?

SiT down with leaves strawberrys and apples at about 10:00pm that's sure to do it just shoo away rats and mice

What does atque mean?

The Latin word atque can be translated as "and" or "and also". The Lewis & Short Latin Dictionary describes the difference between et and atque as follows: . [ atque indicates] a close internal connection between single words or whole clauses; while et designates an external connection (MORE)

What predators do possums have?

The predators of true possums, which live in Australia, are eagles, hawks, owls and quolls. Foxes, which have been introduced to Australia, are also predators of possums. Possums should not be confused with opossums, which live in North America, and are not related to possums.

What is quae?

In Latin, quae is a feminine or neuter form of the interrogative pronoun quis , quid or the relative pronoun qui , quae , quod . Translations, depending on context, include "who", "which", "what" and "that". In World of Warcraft, Quae is a level 38 female humanoid in the Arathi highlands. (MORE)

What does rerum cognoscere mean?

Translated from the Latin, it means "happy is he who knows". The phrase rerum cognoscere causas means "happy is he who knows the cause of things". This latter phrase is from Virgil's "Georgics" written in 29 B.C..

Do possums growl?

YES, Possums do growl because down in the barn a possum growled at me and my sister.

Is there a repellent for possums?

There are numerous natural substances which are said to repel possums, with varying degrees of success. The related link below lists substances that have been tested, and a summary of the results.

Do possums have prey?

The prey of true possums, that is, those of Australia are neighbouring islands, are insects, and occasionally small reptiles. Generally, though, possums feed on young shoots, leaves, flowers, nectar and fruit of a variety of trees and shrubs.

How do possums attack?

Possums do not attack. True possums - the marsupials found in many parts of Australia - are docile creatures and just want to be left alone. If trapped, like any other animal, they become scared for their life and will defend themselves, but they do not attack. Possums are quite different creature (MORE)

What are adaptations of the possum?

True possums are marsupials found in Australia and some of the surrounding islands of the Oceania region. They are quite different to opossums of North America. Behavioural adaptations of a possum include: . They nest in hollows in trees, enabling them to stay clear of predators . When habitat (MORE)

Is there possums in possum pie?

There are no possums in possum pie, as true possums are found in Australia and nearby islands, and they are protected in Australia. Possums are not the same as opossums.

Is there a male possum?

Whether referring to an opossum or a true possum the answer is yes. Both sexes exist for the species.

How do you spell quae?

The word sought is possibly : quay - (pronounced like key ) a dock or wharf quake - short form of earthquake queue - (pronounced Q) a waiting line

What is the meaning of the idiom playing possum?

This expression's meaning may be guessed from the words in it, so it is not an idiom. To play possum is to deceive an attacker by pretending to be dead or vanquished, as the possum proverbially does.