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It endeavors to survive and prosper with God's help, despite its enemies. It cares for its eight million (2014) inhabitants. It maintains ties with as many foreign countries as are willing. See also the attached related Link.
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What is Israel?

1). Israel is the alternate name of the biblical patriarch Jacob. 2). Israel is the name of a nation that existed from just after theBiblical Exodus until the destruction of

What to do in israel?

There are huge amounts of things to do in Israel, and it reallydepends on the kind of thing you like. For a religious holiday, obviously, give several days to Jerusalem.Tours

Who was Israel?

Israel is both a country and a person. As the question has "who" in it, it would seem to refer to the person. Israel is an Old Testament Prophet and the third patriarch. He

How do you get to Israel?

By plane, boat, car or walking...depends on where you're coming from. By plane, many European and American airports fly to Israel's Ben Gurion Airport. and have ande 1 : sde

Who is Israel?

Israel is what is now the land that was promised to Israelites bythe Most High; they were descendants of Jacob (his name having beenchanged to Israel ). Sometimes Israel is s

Where is Israel at?

in western Asia south of Syria, north of Egypt and west of Jordan and Iraq.

What is Israel about?

Israel is defined as the Nation-State of the Jewish People. In the view of Ahad Ha'am, one of the early Zionists, the purpose of having a Jewish Nation-State was to allow the

What do they have in israel?

They have people, houses, beaches, deserts, mountains, valleys, basically a little bit of everything. Farms, high-tech industry, grammar schools and universities, gay bars,

What does Israel do with all its crops?

This isn't a complete answer, only a suggested direction in which thoughts pertaining to this question might proceed: According to data released by Israel's Central Burea

What was Israel?

1) Jacob, grandson of Abraham, was given the honor-title of Israelby God (Genesis ch.35). 2) Israel was a country (Joshua 11:16,21; Judges 19:29; 1 Samuel11:3, 13:1), populate
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What do they do in Israel?

"They" do all of the same things that people do elsewhere, like go to work, marry a spouse, and love their families.
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Why is Israel where it is?

Because that is where God defined its borders. See Numbers ch.33.The borders given there are not exactly the same as those of modernIsrael, but most of the territory coincides