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What does Japan movement mean when pertaining to a wrist watch?

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It means the part of the watch that moves the hands are from Japan.
Absolutely true.
Japanese watch companies are using lots of plastic in their watches. It makes them very cheap, but they don't live for too long. They are definitely better then Chinese ones, but not even comparable to Swiss-made or even Russian.
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What does 5 ATM mean on a wrist watch?

"ATM" stands for ATMospheres and the number before it, refers to the number of atmospheres of pressure the watch will withstand before leaking.   At sea level we are all su

What does Swiss movement mean when pertaining to a watch?

There are three things that are required before a watch can be  marked with "Swiss movement". It has to be assembled in  Switzerland, it has to be inspected by the manufactu

What does ATM on a wrist watch mean?

The term "atm" means "atmosphere" It's a term used to measure pressure. One atmosphere is the atmospheric air pressure at sea level. On a watch it is a measure of water resi

What does 3 ATM mean on a wrist watch?

  Protected in everyday life, bathing, accidental splashes, short swimming or car washing - it is resistant against perspiration, water vapor, rain drops. It is tested fo

What does 10 ATM mean on a wrist watch?

It means 10 atmospheres. This usually indicates a watch will remain waterproof to a depth of 10 atmospheres or about 340 feet of water.

Are japan movement watches good?

Japanese movement watches are a good quality, but over-all a Swiss movement is the best. Some good Japanese mechanical watch brands are Citizen and SEIKO.

What does 12 jewels on a wrist watch mean?

In a watch, the jewels refer to bearings for the shafts of the various moving parts as well as the escapement. Jewels, as opposed to plain bushings, tend to be harder and lowe