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The meaning of "Merry Christmas."
When a person wishes you "Merry Christmas" they are implying several things. First, the "Merry" part is a wish that you will find the season, more specifically the occasion, as cheerful, hopeful and joyous. Agreeable or pleasant are applicable too, with joyful probably being the single closest definition.
The occasion to be joyful about is Christmas. The word Christmas is derived from "Christ's Mass" which has its roots in the Middle English "Christemasse" and the Old English "Cristes mæsse."
Christ, of course, refers to Jesus Christ. The "mass" in this case comes from the English meaning and tradition of a religious feast in honor of a specific person. Christmas Day is the feast day of Christ. Christmas also means the larger season around Christmas Day or the 12 days of Christmastide.
Christmas day, December 25th, is the celebration of Jesus' birth. The announcement of the Angel to the Shepherds in the Gospel of Luke clarifies the sentiment behind "Merry Christmas": "…the angel said to the Jews, "Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Messiah the Master."
But He was born on rosh ha shana, not on the day of the birth of the sun god.
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Is there meaning behind saying Merry Christmas?

Answer . Merry means "Happy" and Christmas, so your really saying "Happy Christmas" or "Have a Happy Christmas" Get it?. Another answer: . The "Merry" part is a wish that

Why do you say Merry Christmas but not Merry Birthday?

Tradition. Either one is grammatically correct, but when mostpeople say "Merry Christmas" and "Happy Birthday", then that iswhat you expect to hear. In fact, in some places, p
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What dose merry Christmas mean?

Merry Chrismas is Isuchrist after death he after 3days then we are enjoy Isuchrist birthday. God give the gift to Isuchrist . Isuchrist give gift all of. Setaclosde give to gi
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Does merry in merry Christmas means peaceful?

Mostly it means "joyous" or simply "happy." The phrase "makingmerry" was applied to Bob Cratchit in "A Christmas Carol" to denotehaving had just a bit too much to drink on Chr