What does Paris symbolize in romeo and Juliet?

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Thinking of Paris as a symbol doesn't do the poor sap much justice--he is a character, not a symbol. I suppose you could imagine him symbolizing arranged marriages or something, but it takes away from the way the play is structured. Indeed, if you view the characters as symbols, you are straying from the main point of the drama.
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Who is Paris in Romeo and Juliet?

Paris is the person that wants to marry Juliet Paris he needs to being loving caring for Juliet he puts his life to or he die for that fine girl that so fine and hot.

How do you describe Paris in romeo and Juliet?

Paris is most clearly defined by two acts: his attempt to marry Juliet and his attempt to apprehend Romeo. Paris does not approach Juliet to woo her; he goes straight to her

What does Romeo symbolize in Romeo and Juliet?

\nSymbolize is a loaded word... It means "representd." "$" represents money, or "MPH" represents "Miles Per Hour," but those are specific and direct things. If I showed you th

Paris from Romeo and Juliet?

Paris is like Jacob frm twilight. her parents think hes better for her, but Juliet is completely in love with romeo. Paris knows this, but cant help but loving her. Paris woul

How old is Paris from Romeo and Juliet?

To be honest no one is really sure since it doesn't say, but he is portrayed maybe like from 21-30 years of age. He is described in the text as "young Paris"
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What was Paris goal in Romeo and Juliet?

We hope that he had more on his mind than this, but the only reason he appears in the play is that he is interested in marrying Juliet. He does pursue this particular goal.
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Who is County Paris in 'Romeo and Juliet'?

County Paris, a relative of Prince Escalus, loves and wants to marry Juliet, but Romeo kills him near the end of the tragedy. Before he dies, Paris asks Romeo to place him nex
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What was Paris in Romeo and Juliet play?

Paris is not a city. He is a relative of the Prince Escalus,looking for a rich and good-looking teenaged wife. PreferablyJuliet, who met all the qualifications.