What does Sampson do to Abraham in Romeo and Juliet?

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He bites his thumb at him which in our culture would be equivalent to someone giving us "the finger"
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Who are Sampson and Gregory in Romeo and Juliet?

Sampson and Gregory are the Capulet servants who hate the Montagues. They are examples to show that the feud doesn't just effect the families but also their staff.

In Romeo and Juliet is the first fight between Gregory and Sampson?

NO!! It was between the house of montigue and Capulet , it is started by Gregory and Sampson (BOTH CAPULET) , Basically one bit the thumb at the montigues (the equivalent to p

How old was Abraham in Romeo and Juliet?

The text gives us no clue. All we know is that he is an adult male, adult here including teenaged young men all the way up to men in later middle age, because he is able to en

Romeo and juliet how is gregory and sampson not as tough as they pretend?

\n. When faced with two Montagues, Abram and Balthazar, they back down, but when Tybalt comes along they start the fight because they outnumber the Montagues. They were not t