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What does Was ist das gewicht der Harnblase mean?

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What is the bladder`s weight.
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Wo ist das Schlossmuseum?

  Nearly every "Schloss" (Castle or Stately home) has a museum. That makes a simple answer impossible. When asked about a specific "Schlossmuseum" an answer would be f

What does Das ist leben mean?

Das ist Leben = That's life! (although the more common version is So ist das Leben).

What does auf der alm da ist es schön?

Auf der Alm da ist es schön translates as it's beautiful in the alpine pasture.

What does Das ist gut mean?

"Das ist gut" means "This (or it) is good." in English. It's  basically said to show approval of something, or agreement.

What does Vas ist das mean in German?

Was ist das = what ist that

Das ist der absolute hammer in English?

that's totally awsome! Well, I'm not quite sure what it means, but don't look here for answers....even if it is called answers.com.

Was ist das?

"What is that !" is the maening of this common German exclamation.   meaning what is that ^o^

What does gewicht mean in German?


What actors and actresses appeared in Das falsche Gewicht - 1971?

The cast of Das falsche Gewicht - 1971 includes: Erik Burger as Verteidiger Ladislaus Ferencz as Hypothekarglaeubiger Agnes Fink as Regina Eibenschuetz Heinz Gerstinger as Ric