What does Was ist das gewicht der Harnblase mean?

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What is the bladder`s weight.
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Was ist das?

" What is that ! " is the maening of this common German exclamation.. meaning what is that ^o^

Wo ist das Schlossmuseum?

Nearly every "Schloss" ( Castle or Stately home ) has a museum. That makes a simple answer impossible. When asked about a specific "Schlossmuseum" an answer would be forthcoming.

Wo ist das geschenk?

The German phrase "Wo ist das Geschenk?" translates as "Where is the present" or "Where is the gift?"

What does du kanst echt sau qut singen Das is der HAMMER mean?

It means that you can sing very good and that YouTuber or whatever it was thinks you are absolutely great :) ===== Das ist der Hammer is a colloquial expression. It can be used to express both positive and negative surprise, disbelief or the sense thatsomething is brilliant or wicked. In this (MORE)

Is it der die or das bavaria?

Bavaria ist not German, the German word is Bayern. It is a proper noun and has no article in front of it. The State (the State of Texas) is das Land in German (das Land Bayern). ======== Its die Bavaria . She is the patron of Bavaria. Her most famous statue can be seen in Munich outside (MORE)

What is der ist nett nicht in German?

"Der ist nett, nicht?" would mean "He/This guy is nice/friendly, isn't he?" "Der ist nicht nett" (different grammar) would mean "He/this guy isn't nice/friendly".

What does Das ist gut mean?

"Das ist gut" means "This (or it) is good." in English. It'sbasically said to show approval of something, or agreement.

Was ist das Bundesland von Hamburg?

What is the federal state* of Hamburg? NOTE: In fact Hamburg is "ein Stadtstaat" ( a city-state ), like two others, and the other thirteen ones are called "Flächenländer" (" area-states" > territory-states ).

Wie groß ist das Gebiet der BRD im Vergleich zum Gebiet der Türkei?

Wie groß ist das Gebiet der BRD im Vergleich zum Gebiet der Türkei? translates as How big is the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany compared to the territory of Turkey? Germany covers a total of 137,847 sq. mi. Turkey covers a total of 302,535 sq. mi. Turkey is almost 2.2 ti (MORE)

What does this mean in German das ist?

das ist literally translates to 'that is' you woudl not use it on its own but in a sentance. i.e. Das ist super! That ist super! or Das ist mein hund. That is my dog

Was ist das Gegenteil von gefälscht?

Was ist das Gegenteil von gefälscht = What is the opposite of forged Das Gegenteil von gefälscht ist echt; The opposite of forged is genuine

Was ist das Schulbiologiezentrum?

to answer this question, let's divide the words into different parts. das=the Schul=School biologie=biology zentrum=center So, in the end, das Schulbiologiezentrum translated into English is the School Biology Center.

Was ist das Gegenteil von hell?

Was ist das Gegenteil von hell? translate as What is the opposite of light? Das Gegenteil von hell ist dunkel = The opposite of light is dark

What actors and actresses appeared in Der Weg ist das Spiel - 2005?

The cast of Der Weg ist das Spiel - 2005 includes: Mehtap Ardahanli as Wizard of the Dribble Corinna Assmann Valerie Assmann as Bird on the Wing Marlene Assmann as The Tireless Paraskewi Boras as Keeper and Beyond Stawrula Boras as The Terrier Hanna Hilger as The Interceptor Luisa Matt as Left Foote (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in Das ist die Liebe der Matrosen - 1962?

The cast of Das ist die Liebe der Matrosen - 1962 includes: Hannelore Auer as Mitzi Bauer, Soubrette Rudolf Carl as Bogumil Zappler Franz Muxeneder as Josef Susi Nicoletti as Tante Agathe Gunther Philipp as Bertl Stowasser Raoul Retzer as Oberbootsmaat Zauck Helga Schlack as Charlotte von Lindenau E (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in Das falsche Gewicht - 1971?

The cast of Das falsche Gewicht - 1971 includes: Erik Burger as Verteidiger Ladislaus Ferencz as Hypothekarglaeubiger Agnes Fink as Regina Eibenschuetz Heinz Gerstinger as Richter Milan Jelic as Man Manyi Kiss as Soscha Szaczkes Gottfried Kumpf as Konstantin Sameschkin Wolfgang Madleitner as Fiala R (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in ...und das ist erst der Anfang - 2000?

The cast of ...und das ist erst der Anfang - 2000 includes: Martin Armknecht as Ralf Ambach Pierre Franckh as Manfred Chris Hohenester as Petra Dieter Landuris as Thorsten Sperling Gottfried Mehlhorn as Garderobier Michaela Merten as Franziska Konstantin Moser as Alexander Julia Richter as Anna Clel (MORE)