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A locksmith is a security professional who does a great deal more than "Pick locks on doors". In fact, except for those locksmiths who specialize in emergency work only, picking locks is NOT a major part of a locksmiths business. A locksmith knows how to re-key locks and when it is appropriate to do so, repair or replace broken locks, install new locks, formulate master key systems, install and repair door closers, cut multiple types of keys. They know life safety and fire regulations as pertains to doors and locking systems. They can usually can repair doors which are not opening and closing properly. They usually can change safe combinations.
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How old do you have to be to be a locksmith?

This depends on the state law for licensing you live in - if there is one. In most states you can be an apprentice locksmith as young as 12 years old. There are many that work

How much money does a locksmith make?

Locksmith pay rates vary from state to state, city to city and even from town to town. If you are a locksmith in New York City, Boston, Chicago or Los Angeles you can expect t

How do you become a licensed locksmith in Minnesota?

Currently, there is no locksmith licensing requirements for the state of Minnesota. See related links for a locksmithing license law proposed by the Minnesota chapter of the A

Are licenses required for locksmiths in Pennsylvania?

  According to Locksmith.Net, only 9 of the 50 states require any form of liscensing.   * Alabama  * California  * Illinois  * Louisiana  * New Jersey  * North Car

How much do locksmiths charge in UK?

Depending on the time of day but around £70 + vat   Any good locksmith will give you a quick estimate over the phone, if its a simple door opening job the price should be

Do you need a license to be a locksmith in Arizona?

you don't need locksmith license in state of Arizona. there is a lot of locksmiths that work without the proper tools and without the right knowledge.

Can a convicted felon become a locksmith?

If you are a convicted felon it does not necessarily decline you from being a locksmith. Some states do not require any license for locksmiths. For example the state of Idaho

What are the Prices for locksmith to unlock door?

It depends on where you are and what time you call. You can't expect someone to come out on any kind of service call (for any type of business), after hours and charge the sam

Can a locksmith replace a car key?

In today's world the method above is slightly outdated. The real  answer is; it truly depends on what car you have. If you have a  newer model (2005 or higher) you may need

How do you become a locksmith?

You can become a professional locksmith by doing Certified  Automotive Locksmith certification or diploma. You can also  practice in any locksmith company for professional e

World of Warcraft what is the locksmith for?

Rogues only have it. From random mobs you can find lockboxes, you can pick those to find boe's. You can also pick chests in locations such as dungeons for trade goods and boe'