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A Meteorologist works within a science that deals with the atmosphere and its phenomena and especially with weather and weather forecasting.

Meteorologists are scientists who study the causes of weather and try to predict it. They interpret information and use maps, charts, and computers to analyze data. After this research, the meteorologists prepare the weather forecast.

They get to study weather and the atmosphere.
Meteorologists study the variations in atmospheric conditions that produce weather.
From The American Meteorological Society's website: "What is a Meteorologist? The American Meteorological Society defines a meteorologist as a person with specialized education "who uses scientific principles to explain, understand, observe, or forecast the earth's atmospheric phenomena and/or how the atmosphere affects the earth and life on the planet." This education usually includes a bachelor's or higher degree from a college or university. Many meteorologists have degrees in physics, chemistry, mathematics, and other fields. The broader term "atmospheric science" often is used to describe the combination of meteorology and other branches of physical science that are involved in studying the atmosphere. What do Meteorologist do? Basically, meteorologists study and predict the weather and climate and its relationship on other environmental processes and the impact on our lives and economy. Specifically meteorologists can have many different jobs including daily weather forecasting, atmospheric research, teaching, broadcasting and supporting clients through private sector meteorological companies. "
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What is a meteorologist?

Meteorologists are scientists who study the atmosphere. They examine its effects on the environment, predict the weather, or investigate climate trends.

What does a meteorologist do and how are weather forecasts are prepared?

A meteorologists studies weather and climate. They look at pics of satellites and the atmoshere,study wind patterns and past weather history,barometric pressure,and use comput

What are facts about meteorologist?

a meterologist works within a science that deals with the atmosphere, phenomena, and especially the weather and weather forecasting. they have to have a major in science with

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A meteorologist wears business attire when they are on TV doing theweather. They avoid wearing green because of the green screen theyuse because it would blend in and they wou

What does a meteorologist do in antarctica?

A Meteorologist keep a log of data such as temperatures, wind speed and direction, pressure and pressure changes, weather description, snow, blizzards etc at three hour interv
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It's all a matter of opinion. I mean, one group of people may think that one meteorologist is the best, but another group of people might think that that same meteorologist is
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What does a meteorologist do what are its tools and what do they do?

Here are most of the weather tools and what they are used for: Weather balloons measure conditions at high altitudes and are used in forecasting. GPS keep track of th
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metereologists are people who keeps all their taughts and mind onfinding about weather and reporting to people the next one to come
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What a meteorologist?

A meteorologist is a scientist who studies weather and atmospheric phenomena.