What does a rose flower give to a honey bee?

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When a honey bee goes to a flower, it goes to collect the pollen. This is called mutualism between the two species because they are both helped by their interaction. The bee gains pollen in which it can create honey, a food source. The flower gets its pollen transported to other flowers which can help the reproduction of its species.
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What flower does the honey bee visit the most?

The ones closest to their hives! Bees try to be efficient and will collect from the closest source of pollen. Bee keepers are very savvy about locating their hives in such a w

How does a flower attract honey bees?

Bees are attracted to flowers by scent and by the colours of the petals. Remember, bees can see ultra-violet so can see patterns in the petals that we can't.

Symbiosis relationship between a honey bee and a flower?

You might want to know, why do bees, butterflies, and wasps go to flowers? Is it the color? The smell? Or is it something else? Well all of these are partly right! Insects lik

Why do honey bees like flowers?

well what i know so far is that they like flowers because of their pollen By: Brenda Patterson (FYI i am from Mississippi)

Do honey bees eat flower nectar?

Technically I think they do eat nectar but they turn it into honey in their stomachs. They then spit it back up to eat then or store in the cell walls to eat in the long winte

What does bees take from flowers to make honey?

Without going into great detail, A bee sucks nectar from a blooming flower to store it and mix the nectar with enzymes and proteins to formulate honey. They then deposit the h