What does a teacher use spreedsheets for?

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keeping track of grades
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Number of teachers in the us?

There are about 5 million teachers in the United States, or roughly one out of every 60 people. This is from kindergarten through university, both public and private. It does not include corporate trainers or those who teach part time private workshops, etc.

Can you use windows spreedsheets on an apple?

yes, you can. you have 2 options: -buy a mac version of office, or download a 30 day trial -download a free alternative, such as NeoOffice (neooffice.org), which is openoffice ported to mac. it can read office files (including office 2007 docx, etc.) and openoffice files, and includes writer, spreadsheet, powerpoint, and some other stuff. there are other freeware office replacements as well, but I recommend this one

Which President of the US started out as a teacher?

Woodrow Wilson was a college professor and administrator. Chester Arthur, Warren Harding and Lyndon Johnson started out as school teachers. James Garfield taught in college and I think also in a prep school before he taught in college. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were both law professors before they got into politics.

Why do teachers use spreadsheets?

Spreadsheets are powerful ways to organize data because they are so simple. They are the most basic "database" format. With intersecting columns and rows you can sort information in an infinite number of ways.

When does a teacher use technology?

they use it when they ain't got no other resource for a subject they can look it up don't trust this answer they used "ain't" as if ot were grammatically correct.

What do teachers use spreadsheet for?

A teacher may use a spreadsheet for several different reasons; 1)Commonly spreadsheets are used to hold the grades from examinations in percentage form. By holding the results in a spreadsheet the teacher can calculate the percentages gained by their pupils in different areas of a test. This information could be used to inform the next terms teaching, with the teacher revisiting topics which were commonly misunderstood. 2)Spreadsheets can also be helpful in tracking a student's progress as terms and year progress. This information is useful if the student's personal circumstances change and the teacher wants to apply for special circumstances to be taken into consideration in formal exams. 3) A teacher may use a spreadsheet to calculate the overall grade for a unit of work, where several exams and coursework go to calculating the overall grade. 4) Spreadsheets are powerful ways to organize data because they are so simple. They are the most basic "database" format. With intersecting columns and rows you can sort information in an infinite number of ways.

What is a spreedsheet?

a spreed sheet allows you to display information clearly and quickly. it allows you to solve problems and can help you with businesses

How many kindergarden teachers in the US?

This question is unknown. Teachers in the USA are hired everyday, if you want to know how many are emplyed in a certain time period, then specify that when searching it..

How do dance teachers use math?

When you tell your student to do deigeshey he or she is going to ask what degrees it should be 45 or 9O And u need to know where that is

How many teachers use drugs?

about 75% of teachers in the united states were reported to use drugs, accroding to a survey by the university of Los Angeles in 2010. That may seem high, but in Bangalore it's 85% ref: See related link below for the reference

How many teachers are in the us?

There are many more people who are educated, trained and licensed to teach than are actually teaching. According to the US Census Bureau 2000 census, the " Number of all teachers in the United States." is 6.2 million.

What materials do teachers use everyday?

Planners for the daily course, handouts and papers usually for students, then there are the daily materials that almost everyone may need like pencils, pens, highlighters, rulers, calculators, etc. depending on what they are teaching. Then there are also books that they usually use in class. All of this depends on what the teacher is specifically teaching because an art teacher's materials would drastically differ from a math teacher's.

What motivates teachers to use blogs?

Interest, the belief that it will help or change something or that they see the educational benefit of it. I found the best way for getting teachers to blog is to get them to set up blogs for their students about a topic or project. This often sucks them in!

When is Teacher Appreciation Week in the US?

The First Full Week of May Teacher Appreciation Week - the time when you get to thank your teacher for all he or she has done for you - is held annually, during the first full week of May.

Do all teachers use math?

I think they do. Most of the teachers I have use math. Almost everyone (including me!) uses math.

Why would a scientist use a spreedsheet?

1.so thay can keep the amount numbers of children in the class . 2. so thay can keep there files and marks in the folder thay save it to. 3.thay will beable to be organinzed better 4. the class wil be able to do more stuff in the school work

What is spreedsheets?

it is a grid filled in with information, more commonly they are used to keep track of finances

What can a teacher use a database for?

many things, including: 1. Keeping track of grades/attendance 2. giving parents access to their child's grades between report cards 3. easy printing of report cards

How does an art teacher use pi?

Pi , phi , the golden section ( or ratio ) and the Fibonacci series have provided many artists with a mathematical skeleton on which to build their works , the growth rings on trees , seashell and leaves and many other natural systems have also been found to closely match this mathematical relationship, The ratio may also be identified in works of Bach and Eric Satie. Classical architecture follows the proportioning system and it may also provide a systematic way of analysing what the eye and brain perceive as beautiful. searching under the above keywords linked to many artists may provide a wealth of resources an enterprising art teacher will find useful . you tube may the best place to start

Can a nz teacher teach in the us?

It is a possibility, however you will have to obtain teacher certification within the state you wish to teach. You would have to contact the State Board of Education in the state you wish to teach for detailed information.

How does teacher use math?

The teacher use math to teach use all and stay smart all the time. but to me is not so good since i get a bad head ach all the time. hwFUYFHJKJK˜HUHIN:8H F8huhuiiigsjus.jbsnkrsjknrj

How ict teachers use computer?

they check records of how well the pupils are doing throughout the school. also they use their computer to show the pupils what to do.;)

Teachers use trigonometry?

Consciously or not all do. But only some are aware that they do,others do so without explicit knowing that they do.

How do you use the word teachers' in a sentence?

Teachers is plural, and the trailing apostrophe shows possession (you do not add another S where the plural ends in S). So examples for this plural possessive is: The teachers' union is asking for higher salaries. All of the teachers' cars are parked in the faculty parking lot.

What do teacher use iPod for in class?

I dont know BUT my maths teacher has his out all the time. If the teacher is a dance or music teacher my dance teacher plays music to dance to. And we do guess the song in music at the end of term or the end of the year. Hope this helps.

How do you use the possessive form of teachers?

The possessive form of the plural noun teachers is teachers' . A possessive noun is placed before a noun to indicate ownership,possession, origin, or purpose of that noun. Example: The meeting is at four in the teachers' lounge .

What is a group of excel spreedsheet?

This is called a book - each individual spreadsheet within the book is a sheet. You can move between the sheets within the book by clicking on the tabs at the bottom of the current sheet.

How can the word teachers' be used in a sentence?

The noun teachers' is the plural possessive formof the singular noun teacher. A possessive noun is used to show possession, ownership, origin, orpurpose of another noun in the sentences. A possessive noun can describe the subject of a sentence or aclause, or the object of a verb or a preposition. EXAMPLES The teachers' meeting starts at seven. (describesthe subject of the sentence) I will attend the teachers' meeting . (describesthe direct object of the verb 'will attend') I baked some cookies for the teachers'meeting . (describes the object of the preposition'for')

What spreadsheet software do teachers use?

Teachers can use many different spreadsheet programs. Microsoft Excel is the most common one, so most would use that, but they could use any of the others available, such as Calc in Open Office or Lotus 1-2-3 etc.

Who might use a spreedsheet?

Anyone working with large quantities of data. This can be a small business using a spreadsheet to keep track of income and expenditure - to a multi-national corporation using one for everything from banking to order processing and wages.

How can a teacher use honesty?

By actually reading and correcting the work submitted by students. Calling a student out on their grammar. Not passing students just to get them through the system and to make their own resume' and 'numbers' look good.

Can teachers use freud's theories?

Yes. Convince children that their learning problems stem from a desire to have sexual intercourse with their opposite-gender parents (ex: boys with mothers, girls with fathers, as per Freud's Oedipus and Electra complex theories). Additionally, in parent-teacher conferences, be sure to explain this problem to the parents, and encourage them to be more actively involved in their child's educational needs, regardless of the potential legal ramifications. Remember, it's for the children!

What is a summury section of the spreedsheet?

The summary section of an Excel spreadsheet is typically located on the first tab of the entire worksheet. This summary will usually display all tabs available and allow one to navigate easily to any of them.

What good sentence you can use with teacher?

He was a good teacher and the classed learned a lot from him. He was a good teacher and the classed learned a lot from him. He was a good teacher and the classed learned a lot from him. He was a good teacher and the classed learned a lot from him. He was a good teacher and the classed learned a lot from him. He was a good teacher and the classed learned a lot from him. He was a good teacher and the classed learned a lot from him. He was a good teacher and the classed learned a lot from him. He was a good teacher and the classed learned a lot from him. He was a good teacher and the classed learned a lot from him. He was a good teacher and the classed learned a lot from him.

How is ms PowerPoint useful for teacher?

At one time people used overhead projectors with clear-plastic acetates to do presentations. That took a lot of work. Powerpoint makes that a lot easier and faster and gives you the ability to do very elaborate presentations. For teachers, it is a very useful tool. They can put the outline of their topics for their classes in presentations and use it as a way of helping them in giving their more detailed lectures. It is good for the classes to see the information on screen. With the ability to add other features, like music and video and animation, it is a very powerful addition to the lectures they give. Powerpoint can help to make presentations and classes generally more interesting, so it is very useful to teachers. It is one of the professions that can really make use of it.

What are the main uses for teacher stamps?

Teacher stamps are used mainly for notifications or commendations for students who do well on homework, exams, test, quizzes and a whole slew of other good accomplishments in the classroom worthy of recognition.

I used to be a teacher but?

I Used to be a Teacher, But I Changed - For more on the story visitpersephonemagazine.com/2013/09/i-used-to-be-a-teacher-but-i-changed/