What does a termite bite look like on a human?

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It looks like a big mosquito bite..
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Do termites bite humans?

The termites than fly around looking to start new colonies do not. The soldier termites and the worker termites can bite, but do so only in defense, and they have no venom. It

What do termite larva look like?

Termite larva are usually less than 1/10 of an inch long. They arewhite, pink or light brown in color. They also have very softbodies, but otherwise look very similar to an ad

What do termite tunnels look like?

Termite tunnels look very similar to the tunnels of ants seen inant farms. This is because both insects have similar tunnelingmethods.

Termites what do they look like?

There are many types of termites that call United States home. In the northeast area of the county the two most popular are Drywood Termites and Eastern Subterranean Termit

Do baby termites look like a maggot?

Yes they do look similar only a lot smaller and the big thing that should tip you off to the difference is that termites eat wood and a maggot will be on a dead animal.

Do termites bite?

Termites do not bite. Not other humans and animals, at least. They eat wood, but to eat wood, they must "bite" the wood to take it apart. So technically, yes, they bite, but n
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What do flea bites look like on humans?

I PERSONALLY have expierienced it! It is a small bump, that is red, and VERY itchy! To get rid of it, you put perfume that has alcohol on your legs, and wear long socks wereve

Can termites bite humans?

Termites absolutely have members in the colony who can bite, not only that they seem to use some kind of chemical weapon. I discovered this after leaving a pile of timber unde

Do termites look like ants?

Only in the most basic sense. Two ways to tell them apart: 1) Ants have a thin, "nipped in" waist - termites are thick waisted. 2) Termites are usually grayish/white. Ants rar