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What does a tribal tattoo symbolize?

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These days many people get tattoos because they think they look cool. There may not be any real symbolism.
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What tattoos symbolize youth?

A daisy is the symbol of youth and innocence. The infinity symbol  also symbolizes youth and a neverending cycle of life.

What does a tattoo of the number 1917 symbolize?

I would assume that any tattoo of the number 1917 would be a  reference to the October Revolution of 1917 in Russia-the first,  and only revolution to bring the working to p

Why does your tribal tattoo keep fading?

Either you didn't take proper care of it after you had it done or the guy who gave it to you isn't a good tattoo artist. If you suspect the latter, you should go and get teste

What needle do you use when colouring a tribal tattoo?

for tribal tattoos you should use a nice defined line for outline with say at least a 5RL or you can use a 7RL and then fill in your black with a 9 mag. 14 mag needles are goo

What does a sugar skull tattoo symbolize?

As far as I know a 'sugar skull' is a skull made of sugar, chocolate or candy, and decorated in a joyus, almost happy, style for the Mexican day of the dead celebration. So in

How much does a tribal tattoo for your shoulder cost?

it'll cost about $100." Thats a nice start, but a tribal tattoo will vary greatly from artist to artist, and be based off of size and complexity. I have done tribal tattoos o

What needle should you use to colour tribal tattoos?

This is totally dependent on the size of the piece that you are doing, the bigger the piece, the bigger the needle set. Typically, I like to fill tribal with a round shader as

What does a tattoo of the number 21 symbolize?

The number 21 can symbolize a lot of things, it has a lot of different backgrounds but to me the most interesting and important thing about 21 (which is why I've gotten a tatt

What does a stingray tattoo symbolize?

  A stingray tattoo symbolizes confident, competent, and prepared for anything. Most Divers like stingrays for tattoos.

What tattoo symbolizes guidance?

  nautical star or dragon!   nautical star or dragon!
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What does a wren tattoo symbolize?

Often, tattoos are put onto people's bodies because of the  symbolism they represent. For instance, a tattoo of a wren might  represent agility, creativity, or a free spirit