What does a white horse symbolize?

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White means peace and birth so therefore white horses should mean the birth of peace

What is a white horse?

Most white horses aren't actually white; they're technically gray, a result of the G gene. Those horses were born another color and faded as they grew, such as the Lipizzaners

What does a horse symbolize?

that it is pretty... and shows how you keep continuing with your life as it keeps on going on for ever....

Where are the white horses?

\n. \nThere is no such thing as a white horse. they are just grey horses that have lost their colouring with age, although it is possible to get very grey horses, which is kn

Horses as symbols?

Horses are a symbol of stamina around the world. If anyone can tell me if kittens can get parvo, please let me know.. For feline parvovirus see the question "Can kittens get

Do you get a white horse?

White horses are exceedingly rare. A true white horse will have a genetic mutation on the KIT gene. They will have pink skin, snow white hair (From birth) and blue or sometime

White horse symbolism?

Like Jesus riding a white horse, it means peace and justice. White animals in general mean peace and kingliness.

What type of horses are white horses?

White is a color of a horse, not a breed. Certain breeds of horses can be 'white', but white is called 'grey' because white horses have gray skin if you look close. Albinos ar