This question covers questions about Porsche, officially known as Porsche Automobil Holding Societas Europaea. Porsche is a German automotive manufacturer of high-performance luxury sports cars and is the majority shareholder of Volkswagen Automotive Group.

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What is Porsche's motto?

"There is no substitute"

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How many MPG does a 1983 Porsche 944 get?

they get surpisingly good gas milage considering that they are that old, around 30ish mpg. better than some of the current "hybrids"

Clutches and Flywheels
Porsche 911

How much does it cost to replace a 2000 Porsche clutch?

To replace a clutch at the Porsche dealer for a 2000 911 Carrera is 2960.60....at least that is what I paid in Nov. '07. Eek.

Porsche 944

Porsche 944 has heavy white smoke on startup?

Heavy white smoke is indicative of a blown head gasket or cracked head/block. Coolant is probably leaking into the combustion chamber. Run a compression test to further diagnose. Another reason is that you might be burning a lot of oil. does the smoke disappear like steam or say in the air?

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In which country was the Porsche first manufactured?

Porsche was first manufactured in Stuttgart, Germany. The first Porsche was the Porsche 64 produced in 1939.


What is the difference between a Porsche 911s and a 911lux?

I guess your talking about the 911S and 911L? Porsche basically introduced three letter designations in 1967-68 to name the different variants of the basic 911 they were introducing. They ranged from lowest to highest in power and luxury. The 911S was Porsche's "Sport" model 911 between 1967 and 1978. It had a more powerful engine than just the base 911 and included fancier trim, sporting the first Fuch alloys when it was introduced instead of the old 356 inspired wheels on the base 911. The "Sport" model was to receive the newest updates, including mechanical fuel injection, while the 911T was still stuck with a carburetor. The next step down was the 911L (it switched letters to 911E after a short time). It was basically a basic 911 model that sported the 911S trim, was a little less expensive than the 911S, and had a little more horsepower than the 911T, but a little less than the 911S. It was sandwhiched between these two models and was the middle of the road 911. The difference is that it was not as powerful as the S, and received new updates a little later than the S. That's about all I know. If your interested look it up.

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What does gts mean on facebook?

gts means go to sleep


Good times

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What does the BMW logo stand for?

Bavarian motor works

BMW is Bavarian Motor Works.

The "logo" is the rotation of a propeller on an aircraft engine. BMW started with aircraft engines, then motor cycles, then cars.


What is faster Porsche or a lambroghini?

It depends on the model. If you're comparing a Gallardo and a Boxter, then Lamborghini. But if it's a Porsche Carrera GT challenge and a Gallardo, then the Gallardo would get creamed.

English Spelling and Pronunciation

What is the correct pronunciation of Porsche?

Porsch-uh. It is a family name, and is pronounced this way in Germany. Standard rules of English prevent "e" from being spoken at the end of a word, however, so Porsch, without the "-uh" is a correct English pronunciation. Many auto brand names are pronounced differently in English. It is really a matter of preference, but Porsch-uh is more authentic.

It is alright for Americans to have this kind of pronunciation guide as the -uh is brief but here in the Philippines, Filipinos tend to exaggerate it so what comes out is a long -uh, making it sound like a girl's name "PORTIA" (porshia).

As a German language tutor, it should be correctly pronounced as a short "eh" as in danke, or the she in sherbet and I hope these Filipino newscasters stop pronouncing it as "PORSHIAHH"!


Where was Porsche created?

Porsche was created in Stuttgart, Germany.


How much is a Porsche cayenee?

A Porsche Cayenne starts at about $53,000. The diesel version starts at about $57,000.

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How much does an airframe and power plant mechanic earn?

The middle 50% of people employed as Airframe & Powerplant mechanic makes anywhere between 18 to 28 dollars an hour.


Is a pre-owned Porsche a good investment?

Yes, a pre-owned Porsche is a good investment. The German car company is known world wide for valued performance and reliable engineering. While new models are still too expensive for the average wallet, a pre-owned one makes it possible for more people to enjoy this luxury.


How fast can a Porsche Carrera GT go?

The Porsche Carrera GT has a top speed of 330 km/h (205 mph).

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How do you install weber carburetor conversion kit on a 914 Porsche?

You attach the carb to your runners, and reroute your accelartor cable to the carb. You will also need a different fuel pump, one rated about 3lbs as the stock fuel pump is for fuel injection. Brian Minson, Editor Porsche 9 Magazine www.9magazine.com

Porsche Boxter

What is lug nut torque for 2003 Porsche Boxster?

It should be 96 ft/lbs from what I've read.

Happy Boxstering,


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What is Sally Carrera's occupation?

Sally Carrera was, and still is, a lawyer or attorney in Los Angeles.

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How many seats does a Porsche have?

it depends... i have owned a porsche 968 coupe with 4 seats, a porsche 911 turbo with 4 seats, a porsche gt3 with 2 seats, and a posche carrera gt with 2 seats. The porsche's that tend to be faster more expensive seem to have 2 seats, due to the fact that a lot of the expensive 1's, especially the gt3's, are meant for racing/speed. 2 seated porsches have exra weight in the back of the car for traction and grip, which makes them easy to control in higher speeds.


I just traded in my car for a new Porsche but then I lost my job on the same day. Can I return the new car and get my trade-in if it has not been 24 hours yet?

Every buying and selling process should have detailed agreement. The return policy may be is included there. So check it, and tell me your find outs please.

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How do you make an insurance claim when someone hits you?

When you had the accident you and the other driver should have exchanged insurance company details and your names and addresses. If you didn't do it then, and there was a police report filed, you can probably get a copy of the police report. But you tell your insurance company you were hit,and give them the details of the other driver and their insurance company (I hope they had one!) and they negotiate liability with the other person's insurance company. Usually, like a rear-ending, fault is pretty obvious; sometimes not. But that's part of the reason you pay your insurance: so they can take care of stuff like this for you. Phil

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How long do Porsche's cars take to be delivered since ordered?

It depends on which model you order. A 911 Turbo takes about 6 months.

Antifreeze and Engine Coolant
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Why would a 1980 Porsche 925 recently spray a lot of antifreeze all over the engine?

Over time, the rubber in the radiator hoses becomes brittle causing it to crack very easily. As the hot radiator coolant surges through the hoses under pressure, it makes it very easy for the hoses to break. (most of the time in the hardest places to find) The solution to finding the hole would be to take a garden hose, and put it in the radiator top, run it so the radiator won't run out of fluid and try to assess where the water/coolant mixture is seeping from. Either have a garage fix it, or purchase a new hose and replace.

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How do you repair a 944 hand brake?

What exactly is wrong with it? If this is an early car, pre '85.5 then it's easier to just remove it and replace it with a handle from a later car '85.5+. It's a direct bolt in and it's much more solid, the early ones tended to have lots of slop in them and the catcher would go past the teeth causing it to not work afterwards. If you don't want to change it you will have to remove the assembly disassemble it and then reset the catcher and then when you get done adjust your parking brake shoes and your brake cable so that it catches before the handle goes up that high.

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Is Porsche pronounced porsha or porsh?

It's pronounced "Porsha" because it is a family name, and that's the way they pronounce it. Your location and/or the language have nothing to do with it.


Greetings from FRG

neither, it is pronaunced like written.

Porsche is is Porsch with an middlelong e on the end.

For US Folks try to say Porchshe.

The Porch should sound soft the she like sholastic

If you can´t get it just call Germany

(0049) 711 9110 and let the Telefonist

clarify how to speak Porsche.

Mostly the start to answer the phoncall with:

Guten Tag Porsche AG....

at least while you call around the usuall German

buisnes time from 7 to 19.



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