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Introduced as a 1989 model, the Geo Tracker was a mini SUV produced by a joint venture between Suzuki and General Motors of Canada. It was originally powered by a 1.6L SOHC 4-cylinder engine generating 80 HP.

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Why would a 1992 Geo Tracker LSI 4x4 with a new battery distributor cap and rotor crank fast but still not start?

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I just purchased a 1992 Geo Tracker and had the same problem. I had to send the ECM located underneath the dash on the right side of the steering column. I sent this to autotronixs in Houston TX and had it rebuilt (281-888-7331) the price was very reasonable. My geo cranked over great and I had fuel all the way to the fuel injector but no gas was getting to the injector. Once I got the ECM back and reinstalled it my tracker started right up. I then had a check engine light and after research there is a toggle switch up underneath the dash right above the drivers side speaker I flipped the switch and it worked my engine light turned off. 11May10 The ecm is located on the left side and not the right side My first guess would be, the timing belt broke! When you turn the key to start, the engine turns faster than normal because the valves are not opening and closing as they should. which causes a low compression situation. you. It could also be the computer, or ECM, or whatever they call it. Its the flat black box on the firewall above and behind the pedals.I've read it is prone to break when older. When you first turn on the ignition but don't try to turn engine over, you should hear a relay click about two seconds later. That means the fuel pump has built pressure in the line and then cut off. The computer failure can disable the fuel pump or fuel injection system ... you won't hear that second click. If you have a slow crank or no crank condition check the engine ground strap, and any wires connected to the starter. They could be corroded or loose, so check both ends. I have a 98 tracker. My engine started making a clicking sound. My dad has worked on alot of vehicals in his lifetime. He thought it was the timining belt breaking cause the sound was coming from there. I ordered the belt in, and he took the vehical apart to replace, just to find out that the belt was okay. But I got him to replace it. I phoned around including chev and they informed me to take it in and have it checked. I live 4 hours away to the nearest place I can have it checked. I wind up taking a day off so I can take it in, I filled it up with gas and I left. On the way over there my vehical kept on losing power and dipping to 50km/h and so fourth, the engine sounded okay but it kept on doing that. A normal ride that took 4 hours took 5.5 hours with a few minutes stop in between. when it came to going up a hill, it lost power, going up at 20km/h. Well I finally made it there. The service person told me that there was a few possibilities why this would happen and I told them to do whatever they have to do to make it run properly again, they even though it might have been the catalylic converter and they were ready to make a bypass by putting in a straight pipe to the muffler, they assured me it wouldn't damage the vehical. But anyway an hour and half later, they phoned me back and told me my vehical was ready. I came to the garage and they told me that all the problem I was having turned out to be the timing and so I paid for their service and went my way. The vehical was running ok. On the way back, my vehical seemed to have more power than usual and my rpms were normal, I thought that was probably what I was having a problem with. Well after 2.5 hours of driving home, my engined just went dead. I cranked it and it cranked okay. It was minus 30 degrees celcius, I was prepared but I was there for 3 hours and luckily I was prepared by grabbing winter clothing. Well i phoned home and my dad picked me up. I got it towed to the nearest town and I went home. Three days later, the temperature was back up to plus 3 degrees and I thought my vehical had froze because it was too cold. But we towed it back to my town. I checked everything, including the gas filter and pump and distributer cab to see if there were sparks. Everything checked out. My dad removed the spark plug and put a metal thing inside to see if my valves were working and sure enough it wasn't moving. He took my front end of the engine apart cause he thought the belt was broken, it wasn't. He checked the crankshaft and here a tiny little metal pin like thing he calls a key was worn out and no longer moving the engine. He got another of this pin thingy and he replaced it along with a cement mixing compound. He put everything back together and I never had a problem. Overall, check to see if the engine is cranking properly, if not check the timing belt and if it is okay, check that pin thingy, it is located on the crankshaft pully thingy.. I know it was a long story, but I just thought I'd let you know what I went through. The black box on the firewall is not the ECU it is the RWAL rear wheel anti lock controller. The ECU is located under the left side of the dash by the driver's left knee above the main fuse block. If you remove the speaker you can see the mounting bolts. Assuming that you are getting fuel I doubt it is the ECU, but instead either a broken timing belt or a sheared off key-way on the crankshaft sprocket, as this is a common falure point. Check out Suzuki Forums . com
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Have 1994 Geo Tracker how do you get check engine light off tried disconnecting battery cables didn't work?

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Remove the left lower speaker grill in the dash (4 screws). Remove the speaker (4 screws). There should be a small red switch just inside the opening. Flip it and the light should go out. This only works if the computer does NOT have a code set. Trackers from that era have a speedo that will trip the light at 50K, 70k, and 90K miles to remind you to check the emissions equipment for proper function.
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How do you set a timing belt for 1989 Ford Ranger 4 cylinder?

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It wants 17 degrees above top dead center. look at the VECI sticker on the fan shroud it will have the ignition timing and spark plug gap, and vacuum hose routing.
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How to set timing on 1995 Geo Tracker?

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You don't, it is controlled by the ECM.
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Why would the fuel injection system fuse blow when you try to start a 97 Geo Tracker?

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I have no idea why, but I do know a fix. Mounted to the bottom or side of your ECU is what appears to be a great big relay or contactor. If you unplug this connector and inspect both the inside of it as well as the contactor, you're going to see one pin that has been obviously overloaded. It will be charred on the connector side and melted on the relay/contactor side. The fix for this is simple, Just disconnect that pin. I used needle nose pliers and pulled it from the relay/contactor. You can just cut the wire, provided you protect the cut wire from shorting out properly. Now, I have absolutely no idea what this does. On my vehicle, it simply fixed it. But the year previous I had been having fuel pump wiring problems, and had put the fuel pump on it's own switch. It *may* trip the fuel pump relay or something. This is just a guess however, because it caused ZERO effects after I clipped the wire. I have no idea what that pin does or what it's for, other than to cause the fuel injection fuse to blow. =)
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Where is the starter located on 1991 Geo Tracker?

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it will be poking out of the transmission bellhousing where it attaches to the engine. It is on the passanger side (Right side) of the engine, right below the intake manifold. It has the battery positive cable and a smaller wire from the ignition attached to it and is held in place by two 13-MM headed bolts. Remember to remove the negative battery cable before going anywhere near the starter.
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What causes a clicking sound on a 1996 Geo Tracker LSI when accelerating but stops when constant speed is reached?

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If it gets worse when turning corners under power, CV joints. Really depends on where the sound is coming from. If it's engine noise any number of things could be wrong. Acceleration puts more of a load on the engine, making all the gremlins more evident. Determining what each engine sound means is beyond the scope of this. Answer Mine did the same thing. It turned out to be the ignition timing was off.Pre-detonation caused the ticking sound. Either use a timing light to set the timing or have a mechanic do it or trial and error(i.e. move the distributor SLIGHTLY one direction, the drive and see if the ticking is better or wose and go from there).it also may be a exoust leek and that would make a slite tick *Ignition timing is related. This is specifically a noise between the camshaft and the valves. It clicks because the lifters are solid, and at least one has excessive clearance (or wear). You will notice it under varying load conditions while driving straight, and it will be worse when the engine is cold. Have the lifters and cam shecked for wear, and set the clearance 0.13-0.18mm. Good luck.
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How to open 1994 Geo Tracker tailgate?

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How do you change the tail light bulb in a '95 Geo Tracker?

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This is easy. All you need is a Philips head screw driver. There are two screws at the bottom of the plastic lense. unscrew them and gently pull the entire assembly out. Then you can turn the bulb connectors on the inside to release the bulb and replace it. Sometime the connectors are tough or stuck, but they twist about 90 degrees and then release. Then reassemble.
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What is the correct setting for a timing belt on a 1993 Geo Tracker?

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If you are going to change the belt, go to Auto Zone or another parts store and get a manual on your car. It will show you how to do it. cam gear has a notch and a bump which points toward top and sort of lines up with belt cover back plate. crank has a key which lines up to a arrow shaped tab also on the top side of that gear on engine. as for the tensioner belt adjuster, the manual isn't too clear on proper adjustment. good luck The FSM only that is the factory service manual don't trust any other as the do not always include TSB Technical Service Bulletins. Do not guess unless you have lots of available cash. Check out look for jerrys kick-fix link. He is a Suzuki Tech and he has saved me tons of money.
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How do you set the timing belt on a 1990 Lexus?

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I'm not sure what you mean by set. This is a difficult and complicated procedure. I'd check on forums as I know there is detailed tutorials. vbdenny
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Where is the fuel relay on a 1993 Geo Tracker?

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Try looking under the dash on the drivers side, i belive you will see the fuel pump relay along with the "ECM".. good luck
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Why won't the key to a Ford Expediton turn the ignition?

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If you had the key made and it doesn't have a chip that would probably be the problem or your old key is has a bad chip.
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How do you fix a broken stud on a left front tire on a 97 Geo Tracker?

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You must have to get a new or used (acceptable condition)rotor or hub if separated.
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High revving of engine 5000 - 6000 RPMs until it warms up on a 1996 Geo Tracker what is the cause of this?

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it could be the coolant temp unit. it senses the engine temp and adjust the throttle occordingly so the engine can easly worm up to operating temp. when i first start my 1990 tracker up, it will idle at around 2,000 rpm until it warms up then it will idle at around 700 rpms. automatic idle switch.Nah. Supprised that your engine hasn't 'gernaded'! Something's mechanically sticking in WOT (wide open thottle) when you first start up; like the throttle plate/accellerator cable???
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What is the firing order for a 1998 Geo Tracker 1.6L?

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1/3/4/2 the distibuter rotates counter clockwise here is a web site showing a picture of the previous answer:
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How do you fix 1994 Geo Tracker that had radio interference and now has no spark?

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Check the rotor and cap. Could be bad wires. Deteriorating insulation could have caused the interference and could now be shorting before current reaches the plug. Look at the wires at night or it the dark hood open have someone crank the engine over while its beeing cranked spray wires and cap with water you will see them arking out , sparking.
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Can you do anything to make your Geo Tracker safer on turns?

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The only recommendation I can give you is to slow down for turns. Turning to fast or driving like it's a sports car is just asking for trouble. If you just take it easy on the turns, then the threat of flipping is pretty low. In fact, only one test said it was "easy to flip" and that was for a different car, the Suzuki Samurai which, despite looking similar, is a completely different car, and there is evidence (videos) that those tests were modified specifically to paint a bad picture, though Consumer Reports denies this. Suzuki even filmed footage of them performing the turns necessary to just get the Samurai on two wheels. If your a casual/normal driver and not a crazy speed demon who wants to go to Nascar with their Geo, then you shouldn't be afraid of flipping that much. Be more afraid of windy days that you have long trips on highways, the Tracker is light and is easily pushed by crosswind. Final word: Trackers are not that easy to flip as you have heard unless you drive it like a Metro or a Storm. Take it easy and don't push it. Remember, the Tracker only has seatbelts for safety (usually) so don't risk anything. The best way to impove any car in the turns is to lower the ride. Because if you lower the car you will lower the center of gravity, whitch in turns improves the handling. However you should lower the car the right way not the wrong way. EXAMPLES WRONG WAY: cut or heat the springs to lower the suspension RIGHT WAY: Buy aftermarket drop spindles and aftermarket lowering srings or struts
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Where is the number 2 O2 sensor on a 2000 Tracker?

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In '97 it's located in the exhaust pipe right near the Cat Conv, I just saw it last week when mine was in the air. Could it still be in the same place or near there in 2000? It's worth a look. If you can't get your' up on a lift, just try and find a curb and drive so the car is part on the road and part on the curb side and then you've got lots of space to climb under. Hope your search is fruitful.
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Is it possible to remove or bypass the Neutral Safety Switch on a 94 Geo Tracker?

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YES. QUITE SIMPLE. while technically an answer, not much help! lol How is it done?
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On a 97 Geo tracker 4x4 4 door a light on the dash always comes on that says 'Power ' what does this mean?

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Look for the rocker switch on the center console that says P and N. Flip it to the N position for Normal operation. P is for Power operation which lowers the shift points of your transmission.
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Are there any websites that have wiring diagrams for a 1994 Geo Tracker?

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There are some wiring diagrams on the chilton book(66500)I haven�t seen it on line Also, try I just bought a complete diagram from them and was pleased (also for 94 tracker)