What does an African violet plant look like?

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Please view the related link below by clicking on the link. There are many gorgeous African violet varieties.
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What do African violet roots look like?

The root system of an African violet Houseplant are fine, tan colored. Wild violets that grow outside have a little different root system, are a little thicker and hardier for

How long do African violets plants live?

It is possible for an African violets to live many, many years by taking off two or three rows of leaves, scraping the main stem and planting it into clean soil less African v

What do African violets look like?

Please take a look at this African violet site. Click on the related link below for pictures of some gorgeous African violets.

What does the color violet look like?

violet looks like a very deep blue actually violet is purple. crayola made up the name purple, it is really violet and that is the truth. violet is a secondary color you

What does an African violet seed pod look like?

It looks like a tiny baby green apple, with a long green stem. I'd also compare it to a small green bell pepper looking thing. Its hard to describe, if i were u I'd simply go-
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How does the african violet plant reproduce?

African Violets have seeds just like many flowers. The seeds are so small they almost look like 1/4 of an Ant. The seeds need moist and warm conditions. When planted the ge
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What does the color violet looks like?

Violet and purple look similar, but they are not because purplemade by combining blue and red. Violet is the color between blueand purple.