What does an ambulance medical biller do?

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Like any other medical biller, a person working in the billing department of an ambulance company tabulates what a person treated by the service owes and sends them and/or their insurance a bill for the balance, then processes payments.
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How much money does a medical biller earn?

Answer . They make about $12-$15 dollars/hr Answer . If you mean how much can you earn sitting in a doctor's office doing paperwork, I think you could answer that quite eas

How much does a medical biller make?

The U.S. Department of Labor reported that the median wage for medical billers was $13.00 in May 2004. The highest 10% of medical billers and clerks earned more than $18.88. I

What education and training is required to become a medical biller?

Check with your local unemployment office--there may be some money and training available to you to learn the trade. . Answer . I thought then, and still do, that this "Ea

What is medical Biller?

Answer . a clerical person who bills health insurance carriers for medial services rendered to a patient.

How long does it take to be medical biller?

A medical biller and coder may have a year or two of education inorder to do this job. There are several aspects to this job and anexcellent grasp of anatomy and medical termi

How hard is it to be a medical biller coder?

I am speaking from personal experience. I took a medical billing course 2 years ago and I made a 3.75 GPA. It was not really hard. It requires you to analyze everything. It wa

Role of medical biller?

A medical billing agency or person is responsible for applying theproper codes to medical procedures. They might also be responsiblefor making sure the medical bills reach the
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How does one qualify for Medical Biller Certification?

In order to qualify for Medical Biller Certification one must take an exam monitored by the American Medical Billing Association. If one passes the "Certified Medical Reimburs