What does archaeological study?

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Archaeologists study artifacts the past to develop a picture of how people lived in earlier cultures and societies.Also Old bones and rocks
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How did the study of archaeology begin?

This is a good guide: http://pb-archaeology.blogspot.com/2008/04/how-did-archaeology-start-as-field-of.html However archaeology as a "profession" began much later after an

What is the best campus to study archaeology?

Colleges and Universities There are many good schools of archaeology, but be aware that very few schools in the states offer a degree in archaeology itself, with archaeolo

What are 5 steps in undertaking an archaeological study?

Simplified into 5 stages these are the steps involved in any study of an archaeological site. 1. Survey: Identify where your site is. This might be done by "desktop surve

What do you study in order to start a career in archaeology?

This is just my opinion but I think you have to start in the main things you can think of. One science,2math(to measure things out.), and geography are really important things

Witch country is the best for studying archaeology?

Egypt. .................................................................... Iran In my opinion it would be Sumer (Mesopotamia) in modern day southern Iran, due to it

Of what use is archaeology to Old Testament study?

A: Archaeology provides an insight into the reality of ancient cultures and events. Archaeology in Palestine and other nearby regions can shed new light on biblical texts, a

How has archaeology contributed to biblical studies?

William Foxwell Albright began excavating in Palestine in the 1920's with the stated expectation that archaeology would refute the critical claims against the historical verac