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Archaeology is the study of the past, particularly people, by looking at their material remains (skeletons, pottery, settlements etc).
It is not fossils, it involves humans. Before humans (hominins) is palaeoanthropology, and before that is palaeontology.

Archaeology is a sub topic of anthropology. Anthropology is the study of every aspect of humans, past-future. Archaeology mainly focuses on the past. It does in fact involve fossils. Because anthropologists believe in some sort of evolution, fossils of hominids, primates and any animal a hominid may have come in contact with (eaten) are studied. Archaeologists also study artifacts which is any human made object. Another spelling of archaeology is archeology, but that is a less used spelling...
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What is archaeology?

Archaeology is the study of material remains related to the humanpast. Such remains include monumental structures such as thepyramids of Egypt, to microscopic plant fragments

What is the history of archaeology?

Archaeology is the study of the past based on material remains. In the past , meaning history. So the history in archaeology is about studying ancient bones, rubbish, house

What is the aim of archaeology?

The aim of archaeology is to find and understand material remains of the past.

What is an archaeology?

archaeologist (an anthropologist who studies prehistoric people and their culture) As long as humans have lived on earth they have left traces of their existence. Whatever

What do archaeology find?

Archaeologists find old pottery, features such as fire pits. Archaeologists are looking at human past and culture through human deposits.

What is biblical archaeology?

Traditionally, biblical archaeology is the name given to the study of the archaeological aspects of the history of the Jewish and Christian churches as provided in the Judeo-C

Is archaeology useful?

Of course it is! It tells us everything we know about the past!

What did archaeology do?

Plenty. To discover the buried history. They uncover history.

What is the meaning of gender in archaeology?

Gender differs from anatomical sex because it refers to a social role or identity associated with sex but not invariably determined by the physical body. Genders encountered i

What is antonym of archaeology?

Not all words have true antonyms. In fact, most don't. Archaeologyis one of them. You could choose any of a number of words orphrases depending on what part of archaeology you
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What is an archaeological horizon?

An archaeological horizon is a common set of artefacts which identifies a culture, is distributed widely over a number of sites, but is restricted to a single layer.