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In computing, an attribute is an entity that defines a property of an object, element, or file. An attribute usually consists of a name and a value. Its definition can be extended by a datatype, a representation format, a default value and restrictions.
In lay language, attributes are traits, characteristics, or features. The characteristics or quantity of someone like allah has many attributes
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What do you mean by attributes of a DOS file?

  All files, DOS, or Windows have attributes. Files can be Hidden, System, Read-Only, Archive, or any combination of them. For example, there are some important windows fi

What does the term Physical attributes of a person mean?

Your 'physical attributes' are how you are built and what you look like (your appearance). They include height, weight, build, skin color, hair color, and other characteristic

What does the attribution theory do?

It shows how a person explains the behavior of someone else.

What is an attribute?

Attributes define the characteristics or qualities of your Google Base items. Each attribute consists of a name and one or more values (NAME OF ATTRIBUTE: VALUE OF ATTRIBUTE).

What does positive and negative attributes mean?

  It means which characteristics are generally seen as good, or bad. For example some positive attributes could be friendliness, encouraging, helpful etc and some negative

What do you mean by physical attributes and how can they be stigmatising?

Your 'physical attributes' are how you are built and what you look like (your appearance) and if you appear odd this can be stigmatizing. Stigmatizing comes from the word 's

What are a cheetah's attributes?

They are speedy and very vunrable animals and fast for hunting and protecting their little ones.

Attribute of life and its meaning?

The meaning of life is 42. -Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy. But all joking aside, there is no meaning of life known to man, and an attribute to life is difficult to descri

What are the attributes of a treasurer?

A treasurer is in charge of the money for a group or organization.  They can make certain purchases, and are responsible for all the  records and receipts.